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    Ive had my pre for almost two months now and I just have some questions on the security features of the OS. I have yet to use my phone to log into any sites that i could have any crucial info taken from. I know that a lot of sites themselves should have all of the security under control on their behalf but i'm still on the fence about logging into, say, my bank account online, or paying bills online. Does anyone have any ideas on how secure/safe it would be to access those sites on my pre? Also, what are the chances for getting viruses while online? Just curious, and thanks for any responses in advance.
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    You really shouldn't worry, unless someone steals your phone you are secure in the airwaves (unless you're on a GSM provider such as at&t as a method to break into thier encryption was recently found and is now available on the internet)

    Now if someone steals your phone you could have a problem if any cookies are saved, however banks generally will expire cookies within 20 minutes, and since the Pre doesn't save passwords you should be fine.

    A pre is generally more secure than your computer because not only are the transmissions always encrypted but there are no Trojans or viruses for the Pre.
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    Awesome. Thats good to hear. many people here actually check out their bank acct, or credit card acccts on the pre?
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    Hi new to pre central and have been trying to find out the same thing. If the phone is symbian or windows mobile norton has has avirus protector for it. also a company called F secure. google mobile security. Palm is so screwed up. best thing is not to down load apps and not to do banking

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