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    It was a night in August when I was readying to take a shower. I put my black peble on my clothes that were on the ground and low and behold gravity changed the state of use of my Pre to unusable. Exciting.

    Since then i've been saving my money to get the cracked screen repaired. Palm gave me a %25 off discount. And last week I received my same unit, updated and with a new back cover, screen, and front cover; oh and touting webOS Sadly though a have a discoloration of my screen, so they escalated it to an advanced exchange.

    Lets get down to why I'm writing thiss. I went without touch a Pre from August till now. And that time the system was running WebOS 1.2.0. I used a palm centro during that time. So I was excited to see the speed differences in, and well, the overall differences.

    The verdict: On both phones they new phones, they seem to be slower.. In the launcher, on 1.2.0 the wouldn't be any lag, it would keep up even right after opwning an app. In it lags. All the time. For everything. Sometimes there's no differences in speed between 1.2.0 and 1.3.5 but in the
    it really shows. The back gesture on 1.2 brought up my previous page very quicly and in the same place as I left it. (Since update 1.1.something when they made it focus instantly on the spot left before.) Now, it goes slower, and bounces around a few times before figuring out where it wants to be. It does refresh the page when going back though, probably why it takes longer, but what was wrong with it before? There's a refresh button if need be.
    And there's still problems with the browser, like one I just experienced: on a comment box (like the one on precentral) if I minimize the card, the comment box shifts and you can't see what your typing. There's no optimized view mode like on Palm OS where it moves parts of the page so you don't have to scroll horizontally. Btw, the pre should take PalmOS's approuch on usability: the least taps possible to get what you need done. Fancy stuff is fine, but a 10 year palm is more functional than webOS, bring back the old and dandy, and wrap it in new and tasty )

    Battery life: the same really. Can't tell a difference.

    I know a lot of ppl are going to say they've noticed a difference but it could be a placebo affect. I'm noticing from 1.2 to 1.3.5 directly, not overtime, and I got to tell you, there's not too much a differences in terms of everyday usablity, it even slows compared to before. And on my old phone, it wasnlt in the best of shape. I had early rooting apps on, and a few patches tat have turned out to cause leaks.

    I'll review and compare some more, thanks, bye bye for now.

    edit: Camera is slower at taking pictures. Used to be able to click as many times as possible and it'll just keep taking them. As fast as you could click was as fast as the phone would take it. Even with flash it would just keep going, constantly flashing one right after the other. Now there's a delay between each photo, but on a positive note, the camera app loads faster and so does the photo reel.

    Accelerometer: Orientation cange is slower at changing. In the web, in the picture app, etc. Edit: only sometime though, not always.
    also the browser is way more..sensitve. I click links alllll the time.
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    has anyone else noticed these annoyances with the browser?
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    I experience similarly to what you said:

    -Lagginess - it sucks, it sucks, it sucks.
    -Camera - slower, and frustrating. I was telling my friend, "Oh, I gotta take a picture of this!" and it took me 30 seconds later to actually have a ****ing usable camera program running. It FROZE and **** hit the fan.

    But I must say, the battery life keeps improving!

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