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    According to palm they told me when the adobe flash comes out, that will allow us to receive animated text gif. messages (you know where the words are changing colors the snowman is dancing and yes those dirty ones we get from the verizon customers lol). they told me the flash will be to the phone and not just the browser. and animated text will be seen. i hope this is correct.
    and everyone keeps talking about wanting the voice recorder, (my thoughts) they prob will open that up also with this next 1.4 update since they are opening the video recorder. which opens up a lot of other options like voice dialing (maybe not this update but soon) and many others.
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    Who did you talk at palm?

    There is a difference between flash and animated gifs and they are very independent technologies. Flash in the phone would mean that if you happen to download a swf it could run it, it could just up and take over the thing unless there was a complete rewrite of everything, not just the technologies talking to the video card (as would be the case with enabling the GPU).

    You can expect that if they release video recording to the SDK apps will be released for voice-dialing and those kind, I don't think Palm will make anything in that division themselves.
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    animated gifs would be cool i don't get many texts like that but when i do it would be nice to see what its supposed to do
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    it was customer service but he had contacted others before he would reply to me about that(called me back about 3 HRS later). he said he wanted to find out about what would be included with the update 1.4 and i told him that i wanted to know about the animated text messages and why other phones had them and we didn't and he said that was because we didn't have the built in flash like the windows phones have. and like the blackberrys have. but said that will be in 1.4
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    Well lets hope this is true.
    I have been waiting patiently for this phone to support animated gifs via text message.

    Just irritates the hell out of me that the pre still doesnt support this.

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