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    I was just listening to the latest TWIT podcast and realized a trend. Leo Laporte does not ever even mention Palm webOS. I just wrote him an email complaining about his total disregard for the platform. I feel like he slaps us in the face everytime he talks about every other smartphone platforms and the word Palm does not even come up. I was thinking of changing my podcast listening habit for tech from TWIT. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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    I used to watch Leo on CNet TV (way back when), and he seemed a pretty fair guy. I would hate to think that he's been bought.
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    Take a listen to all his podcasts the last couple of months. He doesn't even utter the words Palm or webOS. I don't expect him to say positive things but he acts as though it doesn't even exist.
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    wonder if it has anything to do with the pre only being on sprint until this week. Sounds like he's mainly a gsm guy with the iphone and now the nexus one although he was using the droid before that, which was verizon.. it's been mentioned in passing a couple of times but none of his guests seem to have one either...
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    He's a tech guy. He shouldn't be only reviewing phones from only one or carriers. He should be researching and reviewing as many phones as possible. That's not an excuse that I am willing to accept.
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    I want to remember he's giving webos some love in the past.. -m
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    I think he was jaded by the initial launch release of webOS. He should give it another try IMHO. Also, that annoying kcuf-head Adny Inatko told him that the Pre sucks and wrote as much in his Sun Times review. Inatko is a fool and a Steve Jobs/Apple groupie. His biggest complaint about the Pre was the lack of consistency on operation and UI function...really, that's whay he hates it? In his review of the Droid, he says that he could easily switch to the Droid in replace of the iPhone and LOVED the phone and OS. Android is far more disfunctional when it comes to consistency of the operation of the OS. Especially menu-hierarcy driven selections you have to go through on some apps to perform a simple taks...very WinMobile-ish if you ask me. Inatko is just full of contradiction and obviously must have some serious hate for Palm before they released the Pre. Yea, nice journalism you gnikucf moron.
    Anyways, I think that kind of influence has pushed Leo away from the webOS platform.
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    When might that have been? Even if that was the case where is his mention in relation to iphone, andriod, bb? Unacceptable that in a discussion of smartphones webOS is not mentioned positively or negatively.
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    Well I think that Leo doesn't feel the need to even consider Palm as a player in the smartphone world then we should not consider his tech podcasts as worthy of listening to. I would like the dev for Dr. Podder to remove TWIT from the list of default podcasts it comes with. Also, lets make sure no one downloads the TWIT app from the app catalog either.
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    @Untidyguy That hasn't stopped him from loving the N1. Also, I am not asking him to sing the praises of Palm but the fact that he doesn't seem to acknowledge their existence is an indication of low quality journalism.
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    If anyone else is irked by this send Leo an email to complain.

    Leo Laporte - Google Profile
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    @UntidyGuy did anything I say come off as me censoring the guy. I am just asking those who feel his journalism is shoddy to express their displeasure.

    As far as removing his podcast as default from Dr. Podder is not the same thing as removing books from a library. The default playlist is something I see as a privilege not a right. Anyone who still wants to listen to him can add his podcast themselves.
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    I love my Palm Pre but I also love listening to Leo. I agree that he never mentions the Pre and I wish he would. But I really enjoy your podcast.
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    Actually he had a pre from the june 6 for review....the review episode didn't go so well.

    Here's the you tube link, fyi there is some language in it.

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    He does mention the pre several times, and he loves the OS, but wasn't a fan of some of the shortcomings that has been fixed. I think you are right in that he hasn't since revisited the platform. Maybe we can convince him to try a pre+ after 1.4 comes out.
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    What @MilkenkoD said is entirely true. When Leo first used WebOS he did like it. I remember listening to the MacBreak Weekly podcast when the Pre first came out and Leo was trying to give an overview of the phone and what he liked about it when Andy Ihnatko kept (doing what he does best) interrupting and taking over the Pre segment saying he couldn't figure out how to insert a semi-colon into a message and just talking a lot of FUD. I stopped listening to MacBreak Weekly because of Ihnatko (and to a lesser extent Alex Lindsay). Leo isn't purposefully ignoring WebOS it's just that there are more interesting phones in his world and WebOS isn't interesting enough for him. I'll be interested to see how the subject changes when flash comes to the Pre. I know people like Andy Ihnatko will maintain that flash is dead already and he'll likely dominate the conversation but hopefully Leo will be able to see the importance of flash on mobile devices (specifically WebOS).

    Here's the actual episode where Leo tries to bring up the Pre. It starts at 8:50. Granted, this is an Apple podcast, it's still difficult to listen to how moronic Ihnatko is here. Leo tries really hard to be complimentary about the Pre but Ihnatko and Lindsay just dismiss it and leave Leo with no reason to continue talking about the Pre.

    (Since I can't actually post links yet, just remove the spaces)

    twit. tv / mbw144
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    He's a phone churner. Currently, he is enamored with the Nexus 1. Prior to that he bought that high-end Nokia (N900?). Prior to that, he was an iPhone guy. I would imagine that he doesn't like the stock media player on the Pre since he's big into, one of his sponsors. What do you expect when WebOS has 2% market share?
    Yeah, that was my thought, too...until he released an app for his TWIT network for webOS! Maybe his run-in with Mike Arrington left a bad taste in his mouth!

    Quote Originally Posted by grandebob View Post
    He does mention the pre several times, and he loves the OS, but wasn't a fan of some of the shortcomings that has been fixed. I think you are right in that he hasn't since revisited the platform. Maybe we can convince him to try a pre+ after 1.4 comes out.
    I agree. Get him a Pre+ with 1.4 on it and I am sure he will change his mind. Slip in a 600mhz patch and watch him stumble to recant!!
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    In my complaint that I emailed him I mentioned that he should pick up a plus after 1.4 hits but he did not respond to my email. I haven't listened to his podcast since my original post and have moved onto Engadget's podcasts. I couldn't be happier. Leo has for forever in my mind lost any credibility as a journalist and any kind of reviewer of tech.
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    I used to watch Leo back in the Tech TV days, so believe me it pains me to say this.

    Leo is nothing but a shill and has been for some time. TWIT is all about money and he makes that money by pushing products. There was one podcast right before the Droid launched where it was so obvious that his female guest was being paid, it was painful. I don't know who paid her--Verizon, Google, or Motorola--but if you go back and listen to it I'm sure you'll agree with me.

    I used to watch TWIT religiously (yes if you're an old enough fan you'll remember that it used to be a VIDEO podcast) and I loved it. However, trying to go back to it after a couple of years, it's obvious he is as bought and paid as a cheap wh*re.
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    i have high respect for leo laporte and what he's done for the tech community esp in the podcast arena.

    Truth hurts but i think Leo's "indifference" towards WebOS is just a reflection of the general sentiment of the Technoratti.
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