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    How could podcasts survive on the Internet without companies paying to them? I stopped listening to him when he became the biggest iphone ****** ever. It was all about the iphone everywhere he would go. Now, Buzz Out Load is all about Apple and google. So you will almost never heard a thing about either Palm or Sprint. They are all about Apple and Google. I'm listening to Engadget more often now, 'cause they do talk about all devices and give them a fair review.
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    I also grew tired of Leo and his TWiT shows. I therefore unsubscribed and all is good again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozz929 View Post
    What @MilkenkoD said is entirely true. When Leo first used WebOS he did like it. I remember listening to the MacBreak Weekly podcast when the Pre first came out and Leo was trying to give an overview of the phone and what he liked about it when Andy Ihnatko kept (doing what he does best) interrupting and taking over the Pre segment saying he couldn't figure out how to insert a semi-colon into a message and just talking a lot of FUD. I stopped listening to MacBreak Weekly because of Ihnatko (and to a lesser extent Alex Lindsay). Leo isn't purposefully ignoring WebOS it's just that there are more interesting phones in his world and WebOS isn't interesting enough for him. I'll be interested to see how the subject changes when flash comes to the Pre. I know people like Andy Ihnatko will maintain that flash is dead already and he'll likely dominate the conversation but hopefully Leo will be able to see the importance of flash on mobile devices (specifically WebOS).

    Here's the actual episode where Leo tries to bring up the Pre. It starts at 8:50. Granted, this is an Apple podcast, it's still difficult to listen to how moronic Ihnatko is here. Leo tries really hard to be complimentary about the Pre but Ihnatko and Lindsay just dismiss it and leave Leo with no reason to continue talking about the Pre.

    (Since I can't actually post links yet, just remove the spaces)

    twit. tv / mbw144 doubt about MB Weekly. I only scrub through to hear the suggested applications at the end of the show and that's about it. I've had enough of Inatko's contradictions....Lindsey at least admits about being an apple fanb0i and knowing nothing else in a round about way.

    Intako just needs to go back to his mom's basement and cry for being a d0uche. Go back to playing D&D with your 12-sided dice you moron.

    I still listen to TWiT regularly. I like Dvorak for some sadistic reason...maybe it's because he comes up with whacky conspiracy stuff just to get a rise out of everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Leo is very open about who his sponsors are. He states that he doesn't even accept free trips to try out products. Just because he's indifferent to your beloved smartphone isn't a reason to denigrate his integrity.
    You've got me there. Obviously Leo can't lie, so you must be right.
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    Intako just needs to go back to his mom's basement and cry for being a d0uche. Go back to playing D&D with your 12-sided dice you moron.

    I still listen to TWiT regularly. I like Dvorak for some sadistic reason...maybe it's because he comes up with whacky conspiracy stuff just to get a rise out of everyone.
    MilenkoD, right again. Once I stopped listening to MacBreak I started listening to TWiT. It's a much better show and Dvorak is a pretty cool guy. He was the only one who thought that the iPad was a disappointment when everyone else was trying to defend it. He scored some points with me there . Ihnatko is just the worst.
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    In the Morning to all of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by designlevel2 View Post
    In the Morning to all of you.
    LOL!!! I like NoAgenda....Curry is a total whack job and you get to hear global political BS (as in not only is the USA full of it, but Europe too). However, listening to 90 minutes of that wears on you...I can only take so much
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    Quote Originally Posted by designlevel2 View Post
    In the Morning to all of you.
    :-) Too funny!

    People, fact is the iPhone, Blackberry and Android are the biggest smartphone platforms so they get mentioned the most. If you want to go with the masses and have the phone you own mentioned a lot in podcasts, at parties and in magazines, get an iPhone. If you like the Pre, well, just like it! Who cares how often it gets mentioned? There's more to life then this...

    I do like TWIT a lot, although how much I like single episodes depends a lot on the guests, some I skip. I don't expect them to mention every phone platform every time they talk about this subject. The shows would get reaaaaly long.
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    Leo and Paul Thurott have both talked about the palm a few times recently, they agree that it is "very interesting" but "just don't feel like it's going anywhere."

    Unfortunately unless there is a massive performance improvement for WebOS coming, and soon, they are probably right - the 3GS and N1 and VERY fast and WebOS is painfully slow.
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    Just to chime in here: I've been listening to Leo for a long time and while I do agree that he doesn't give the Pre enough credit/time, I think it's utterly ridiculous to suggest that he's on the take. If you actually spent any time listening to Leo, you'd know that he takes sponsorship and ethics very seriously. It's not his fault if he likes one thing over another. As others have said, I hope that he gives WebOS another shake after the update comes out. You may remember that he didn't really like Android/G1 when it first came out since it was sluggish and buggy. I believe he is willing to revisit something -- every tech person knows that products and software change over time.

    Aside from the introduction of 3D gaming (which he didn't mention), there haven't really been any "newsworthy" updates to the Pre. That's the problem with evolutionary vs. revolutionary.
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    Jayrot's right... I remember when T-Mobile got the first android device, the G1 and Leo *****ed alot about the crappy battery life... Now with the release of the Nexus One, he phone loves it... I'm sure as Web O/S continues to mature, and Palm releases new hardware Leo will take another look at it.
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    @Untidy adn @Jayrot As tech journalist he shouldn't be indifferent towards any new tech thats out there. He can hate webOS for all I care but he should mention webOS when he is talking about smartphones.

    With regard to him pointing out who his sponsors are, I know he loves to pat himself on theback each episode about his integrity but I think what he has shown is that he is a shill for his sponsors. He is an 1-1.5 paid advertising and that is all. He is nothing more than talk when it comes to integrity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zulfaqar621 View Post
    I was just listening to the latest TWIT podcast and realized a trend. Leo Laporte does not ever even mention Palm webOS. I just wrote him an email complaining about his total disregard for the platform. I feel like he slaps us in the face everytime he talks about every other smartphone platforms and the word Palm does not even come up. I was thinking of changing my podcast listening habit for tech from TWIT. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
    Leo is basically a journalist with a technical bent but his days as a techie are mostly behind him. He tends to talk about gadgets that he is playing with and while he played with a Palm Pre when it came out, he didn't stick with the platform. So I wouldn't expect him to talk about the platform. Leo is a good example of how journalists are often lazy and tend to miss things that don't fit into their narrow area of interest. I was actually much more offended by some very condescending remarks he made about "beef eaters" from the Midwest supposedly getting offended about a Google Super Bowl ad which is set in France.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nbock01 View Post
    Actually he had a pre from the june 6 for review....the review episode didn't go so well.

    Here's the you tube link, fyi there is some language in it.

    Wow! imagine that...
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