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    After yesterday's less-than-spectacular iPad announcement I was wondering how much cooler a webOS version of a Tablet computer might be.

    Over at webOSround up there's a story on such an imaginary device that can be found here: Dream Device: The Palm webOS Tablet | webOSroundup

    What do you guys think?
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    I think they need to concentrate on getting smartphones right before they dabble into this realm. WebOS is wonderful, as we all know. But the hardware (IMO) definately needs to be updated with a better handle on quality control.
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    I agree, I personally would rather Palm focus on smartphones than to try and tackle this (in my opinion) non-existent market.

    But I do think that a tablet with webOS would be much nicer than a tablet with iPhone OS. Just like a webOS phone is better than an iPhone
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    I'd honestly rather have Palm concentrate the next few years improving their smartphone hardware models & optimising their software.

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