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    Thinking about doing a full erase and then WebOS doctor. Is this the recommended order? or should I doctor it first?

    Been having a few ipk problems with patches (already there, but not) and since the move of apps from /var and all my homebrew history i think it'd be good to go fresh.

    Here's my main question. With the combo of full erase and webOS doctor, will my application data be saved? (Saved games like NFS/ Assassins creed?) If I do a full erase first, will it try to backup my "empty" phone and overwrite all of my data? likewise if I doctor it first will it do this?

    I can stand losing my saved games, but i'd much rather not. Hoping to do this tonight - so anyone with hands-on experience who can answer my Q's would be much appreciated!
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    Did u already try webos Repair?
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    Yeah - fixed the pdf extract problem (restored all of the pdf files) but i'm still wanting to just go back to the start of things.

    I wonder if I can dig down and find the save files with Internalz? copy them to my computer and then replace them later? Any thoughts w/o rooting?

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