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    Hi, first post here.
    I just got my pixi plus yesterday, already busily installing homebrew apps and patches, some great resources here. I have a few questions though.

    1)The one thing I really miss from my windows mobile phone is the ability for the phone to go into vibrate only mode during an appointment that is set as a meeting. Is there any way to gain this functionality with webos?

    2)Also is there a calendar modification that lets you see the actual appointments when in week view instead of just blocks of time?

    3)How do I change the quick launch icons, I've searched a good bit but couldn't figure it out.

    4)Any way to enable select and copy for text that you can't edit, eg when reading an email?

    5)Not webos related, but is the screen reasonably scratch resistant, or is it worth it to apply a screen protector?

    Thanks for any help on these
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