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    Palm Pre Guide for Jewish Users

    Jewish Calendar:
    There is a great app in the app catalog called Hebrew Calendar that is a full functioning Hebrew/Secular Calendar with Shabbat info, halakhic times etc. It does not integrate with the Pre Calendar but is great for reference purposes. It will also allow you to add personal dates (Yarzheits etc) but I do not think it has an alarm or reminder for those dates.

    If you install Classic (a Palm OS emulator available through the app catalog - I recommend it) then you can run Luach by Penticon (, but again only the standalone version, not integrated. But Luach is also a great calendar.

    You can add Jewish dates (holidays etc) to your Pre Calendar. If you are an outlook/exchange user you can add them in outlook (its in the menu!). If not, never fear. Your Pre handles multiple calendars including Google Calendars. open you Google account (you do use gmail right?) and go to calendars (top left of gmail window). Now add Jewish Holidays. If your gmail is on your Pre it will show. (Make sure you have added your google account to your Pre). You should be able to do this with Yahoo too but I have not checked if Yahoo Calendar has an easy add for Jewish holidays.

    Other Apps (in app catalog):

    Zemanim using GPS knows where you are and gives you all halakhic times for any date.

    Kosher2Go uses GPS to know where you are and lists all info on all Kosher restaurants with reviews, contact info, price info etc. Uses Kosher restaurant database.

    Shabbat Shalom uses GPS, Shabbat info for the coming week (times, parshah etc.)

    For a Siddur:
    There is not yet a prayer book app for WebOS. However, there are very usable and good solutions.

    There are many siddurim and other Jewish apps for Palm OS (think Treo. Centro etc). You can run these using the Classic app. My favorite siddur is EshSiddur by It is crisp font, easily navigated and is a "smart" siddur that only adds those additions appropriate to the day (Rosh Chodesh? Ya'aleh v'Yavo is there. Chol? It is not there!).

    You can also use your browser and go to iPhone Siddur | Online Siddur | Online Tehillim |Online Torah | for PALM, TREO, Pocket PC, BLACKBERRY iPhone, iPod Touch and Google Android G1 - not as easy to use but convenient.

    There is also a siddur in the Jewish Texts Feed explained below.

    Israeli Music:
    Of course your music player will handle this fine but a few notes: You can find Israeli and Jewish stations on the radio apps (Radio Time, Hibiki, Net2Stream etc) by searching but watch out for messianic stations.

    There is an app for Last.FM, a social networking/music sharing site that I recommend. AmOng other things if you type in Israeli in keyword search you will get an unending stream of the most beautiful Israeli music from all the top artists and some you have never heard of. is on the web - Listen to free music with internet radio and the largest music catalogue online - go there an destablish a user account (free) but for your Pre install the app. It is NOT in the app catalog or even in tech Homebrew catalog. To get it go to:
    In the first post is a link to download the app file. Download it to your PC and then install it using WebOSQuickInstall (see above). It is beta so some features do not work yet but it is very stable and safe. I use it o listen to Israeli music all the time. It is great.

    Jewish Texts:

    NOTE: The following ways to access Jewish texts do NOT require Hebrew font to be loaded on your Palm

    Well, EshDev has mastered the Hebrew text reader for mobile devices. I highly recommend all their texts, including the Siddur, Mishneh with Bartenura (split screen), Chumash with Rashi (split screen), Gemara and many many many others. They are a little pricey but they are amazingly easy to use and comfortable to read. They are all PalmOS so you will need Classic. if you like them write them to ask them to Port them to WebOS!

    Again your browser is also a gem - use it to visit sites like Bible and Mishneh Torah for All - Jews and Gentiles / Mechon Mamre for many Jewish Texts in Hebrew, English, even French and Spanish.

    Any Jewish texts you had on a Palm OS device in .doc format can be read with a doc reader in Classic or can be converted.

    Finally, there is a feed that gives you lots of Jewish texts in a kind of run-on format that is not ideal bug is easily accessible and worthwhile. Here is what you do:

    You will first need to load Preware. I highly recommend this anyway. Preware will allow you to install Homebrew (unofficial apps) as well as patches to modify your OS to work the way you want. It is safe and fun and will make your device more powerful and flexible. Preware can be installed using WebOSQuickInstall (go to Go to forums and search for WebOS QuickInstall, the first post in the topic is a sticky with a link to download and instructions how to use). Or go to and search for Preware and click on installer to find a special installer app. Mac Users - you may need to use someone's PC to install - you can - won't matter.

    With Preware installed, launch and go to available packages (package mean san application or patch or any piece of code). Click on applications and install Jewish Texts App. Then Go back top main menu and choose available packages and choose feeds. Choose Jewish texts feed and install. Voila!

    If you are like me you get a lot of email with Hebrew and if Hebrew font is not installed it comes up gibberish. You can fix that and even install Hebrew yourself.

    This requires changing a font in the core operating system. This is totally safe to do and the font you will be changing is kanji so unless you are using that a lot it will never affect you! (any Japanese Jews here?). You can change any font but this is the one I changed.

    To do it, first use Preware to download Terminal. That app will let you use command lines to access the linux core. Only enter commands in instructions from a source you trust as safe. You are modifying the operating system. But in case you are worried, palm provides an app called WebOS Doctor that will erase all but restore any broken Pre to factory condition with a clean OS so you can only do so much harm. This font procedure is very safe.

    1. Download (to PC) the file at
    2. Extract FreeSans.ttf using winzip or some such application.
    2a. put your Pre in developer mode: from wallpaper window type:
    upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart and a hidden app for developermode will pop up.
    2b. Launch the developer mode app.
    2c. Turn on developer mode
    3. restart Pre.
    4. Connect your PRE as USB drive, and copy the FreeSans.ttf to the 'downloads' folder
    5. Launch Terminal on the Pre and enter the following commands (each lne followed by carriage return):
    5a. 'mount -o remount,rw /' to enter read/write mode (don't include the ' quote marks)
    5b.. 'cp /usr/share/fonts/batang.ttf /media/internal/downloads' to backup the original batang.ttf
    5c. 'cp /media/internal/downloads/FreeSans.ttf /usr/share/fonts/batang.ttf' to Overwrite the preinstalledbatang.ttf with FreeSans.ttf (if prompted whether to overwrite batang.ttf, answer 'y')
    5d.. 'mount -o remount,ro /' to go back to read only
    2a. Take your Pre out of developer mode: from wallpaper window type:
    upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart and a hidden app for developer mode will pop up.
    2b. Launch the developer mode app.
    2c. Turn off developer mode
    3. restart Pre.

    Congratulations, you can now read Hebrew!!!!

    great app called Hebrew2Go is a virtual Hebrew Keyboard. Type Hebrew, cut and paste into email, sms, calendar, anywhere! Homebrew App I believe....
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    "Yiyasher Kochacha"
    Great job!
    Thank you.
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    I have been using Luach for years. It would be nice to see it ported to WebOS
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    toda raba
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    you can also use 'My Home Keyboard' for a complete Hebrew virtual keyboard.

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