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    I have to say now i start being really bored of the phone.
    Although i like it so much and gestures and all feel so natural, now i cannot use anymore the phone since i changed my carrier.

    I have an unlocked o2 germany pre, used for more than 2 months with a carrier in another country. now i ported my number to another carrier, just to discover the pre doesn't support this carrier, i cannot set internet apn since it is not saved, i even cannot send sms...because...who knows why.

    This phone is now on my shelf....500euros blocked on the shelf, because the Pre finally seems to suck...even basic functions like messaging or setting an apn, that are so easily working on phones way cheaper, are so absurdly complicated to be used on this "innovative" device.

    Yes, webos is so wow, nice, innovative they didn't think that old well used and diffused technologies should be implemented in an easy and proper way.

    I ask myself...why do i need to hack my phone even for these basic things that Palm should have implemented in the best way since day one?

    Answer from customer service...sorry, we cannot give an answer soon, more over now, that we are so focused on the launch of a new product...hope u can wait for a solution, if we'll find one.

    Yes....and 500euros are blocked on the shelf... thanks a lot.
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    Your upset at palm and the Pre for your decision to move to a different carrier and you expected it to work without doing any research?

    WOW just plain WOW
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    It is an unlocked pre, and i asked to the carrier if there would be any problem with it. They said no, so my problem should be with the carrier giving me a wrong info, based on ur comment.

    But, as i said, i have a phone i paid 500euros, unlocked, gsm, which should give me some problems in the access to app catalog, ok, which should have some twick still to solve for os related stuff, ok....but should work, being unlocked, on any gsm carrier, as every phone does, at least for calls and sms.

    Hope u can see my point. Or, they shouldn't sell an unlocked phone if it works only on supported carriers. In this case, I think, it should still be Palm to make it well clear, on their pages and in the shops where their products are sold, that only some carriers are supported, and which are these carriers.

    Do u see such communication somewhere on their website, clearly stated and defined?

    I am fine with the hacking thing, being able to play this way with phone and all the rest, but please, don't tell me that u agree on the fact that i should be oblidged to hack my unlocked phone to be able to call....a phone is about calling...with any need to hack it.

    By the way, if u have a phone that works properly, do u need to check only prices and offers to move to another operator which, by the way, uses the same technology as ur previous one, or would u check also if ur phone (unlocked, i repeat, officially unlocked) is still able to make calls and send sms? (i guess how u would check that if u live in a little country where the pre is not sold and no-one else has ur phone)

    I agree on waiting for app catalog full access, i had plenty of limitation even on the other network, but not being able to connect or sms...this is really absurd and ridicoulous, and it's Palm problem, not mine, to control that the phone is able to do this stuff on same technology networks. For what reason, I ask u giving this comment, should palm put some carrier names in a list and not other ones? why should i be able to set a parameter only for carriers they know, and not on other ones?
    Why, on a nokia, on a sony-ericcson, on a htc android or wm, on whatever else phone i don't need to care of this stuff if i just move from a gsm carrier to another gsm carrier?

    thanks for ur elucidations on the reasons i am making a mistake here.
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    And, btw, if somebody can suggest a solution that would be better idea, than telling me i should not be disappointed for not being able to use my phone just cause i moved to a carrier who had 300 millions customers in europe...not such a little one, eh?

    let's hope someone can be of some help on here and maybe i can find a trick to go back to use my loved pre, with all its pros and cons, but at least i'll be able to go back to it.
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    There have been a few threads where people give advice on how to add more carriers or alter carrier settings. Try and search the forums. Good luck!
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    yes, i was looking for that, but seems that with that is not working anymore, unless i didn't see the right posts...((

    that's mostly why i am sad now, not only i need to do some trick to make the phone work, but even more, there is no trick available...((

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