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    I have noticed several bugs on my Pre in the last couple of days.
    1. Time got stuck, apperently after receiving a call.
    2. Phone just shot down, after the battery was fully charged. I had to remove the battery twice in order to reboot.
    3. Probably the most disappointing, app catalog asks me to restart my pre after downloading an application. After restart, message says "install failed"

    I tend to relate it to homebrew patches that I installed via Preware. Is that passible at all?

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    Wipe it and start fresh, something probably went wrong somewhere. Or do what I might do, and wait to wipe it until we have a 1.4 WebOSDoctor, so that it'll be fresh with 1.4.
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    Have you installed/executed the Emergency migration helper from Preware? The app catalog "install failed" is a signature of the partition switching that was done in the latest WebOS update. The migration helper corrects this issue.

    Open Preware > List of Everything > type "emergency migration helper."
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    My wife's (launch day)pre has the same battery issues. Just dies out of no where and then I have to take out the battery twice in order to get it to start up. I'm waiting for webos doctor 1.4.

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