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    Hi all,

    just came around an issue with the display of names if the surname contains a space.

    My name for example is Adrianes den Toom, with last name is "den Toom" and I have a lot of family members. Including some that will for example not have "den" but "van der" between first and last name... You may have guessed :-) I'm dutch.

    How to enter the Name that it will be displayed correctly in dialers contacts list?
    - Also happens for several other places in Palm software...

    Currently dialer contacts list, as well as bluetooth devices get reported "Adrianes Toom".

    This is especially nasty if the phonebook is synchronized with a voice dial car kit as you want to say the Name from contacts ( with "... den ...") which may not be recognized properly ...
    Also the display of the Name may considered inconsistent in applications.

    Any hints appreciated...

    A. den Toom
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    I had the same problem. Under the contact edit screen, select the "Name Details" option from the contact menu. Most likely you will see "den" as the middle name, just delete that and add it into the last name field. That should correct it.

    I've also noticed this problem with Facebook contacts. If it's a Facebook only contact, you can't edit the name, so you have to create your own contact entry correctly and then link it to the Facebook one to correct it.
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    Thanks man,

    "den" was placed to the second first name. But selecting edit by menu (I really didn't expect this option) did the trick and gave option to enter it to last name. I will check with my Handsfree soon.

    Ok, I got the source of the problem...
    when synchronizing with my google account the contacts get broken again if they have been edited in my google mail account.
    So I will have to check with google probably...

    A. den Toom

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