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    I'm getting a replacement pre due to my earpiece having distortion. I have quite a few apps on her; NFSU, Asphalt 5, doom, Quake, and some others.

    My question is, am I going to lose my saved games and progress with the replacement phone? If so, is there a way around this problem?
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    you will likely loose it, a quick google search should point in the right direction to get the safegames, atleast for need for speed. the files you are looking for are gamedata und gamesett (need for speed)

    don't know if it's legal to safe those files, because they are in the encryptet partition of the pre.
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    I can't find that in usb mode, but I found it in internalz. Just unsure which exact files to save and how to save them...
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    i found the gamesett, but i cannot transfer it to the newly downloaded game. I got the replacement pre, so, am i to assume, i must start all my games from the beginning? i gotta think some one else has had this issue, and im surprised to have had only one response. Please help.

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