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    I'm sorry, if this it the dumbest question ever...

    (and after reading through some of the threads here about problems with hanging patches and problems w/ installing and/or removing patches/themes, while other app are running, etc., I'm pretty much sure the answer is no. ...but, I always like to ask smarter people than I, before I assume anything.)

    ...will it ever be possible to install patches, themes as easily as it is to install an app from the app catalog? (simple OTA download)

    Or, (as with the PalmOS devices of old), there were hundreds of apps that were as simple to install as an OTA download of a .prc file, instead of having to connect to a PC and hotsync the device.

    It would be nice to have an app that would allow us to customize the look and behavior of our Pre's as easily as we could with the old PalmOS devices. Then again, PalmOS users didn't have to worry about monthly updates to the OS, either! (a very welcome change, indeed)

    I know it's getting easier and easier to install homebrew, patches and themes, but will it ever be as easy to install as an OTA download?

    Crap - this belongs in the Hombrew thread... sorry.
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    most off the patches are as easily installed as an app, just start preware, search the patch you want an voila.

    as a tip close all applications you have running before patching, this helps avoiding those nasty stuck patches (i myself never had a stuck patch, only borked patches because of the language file)

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