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    Oh my, I thought I was going crazy, but yes I've been hitting this issue as well. Random images disappearing from my photos. This is unacceptable! I lost some good photos.
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    I have a pretty big problem with photos I have taken on my camera dissapearing from the device. Now I know they were there as I had sent a couple via SMS, which luckily meant I could retrieve those ones. Oddly, the older photos seem to stay, so I am wondering if they are overwriting each other?

    I was out with friends taking loads of pictures in a row, then looking at some, going back to camera, taking some more and then closing the camera app. I repeated this process a few times. Later that night we had a look at what I had taken but only a handful of the images were there.

    I have had this on more than one occasion and as previously mentioned I sent some via SMS, then when I went to view the photos th next day, they were gone! Am I doing something wrong, do I need to go into the photo album each time, or not?

    Anyone else have this issue?
    I have been having the same problem and I am so ****ed !! I hate my phone now for this sole purpose. Realized I lost my anniversary pics frm back in feb and now spring break pics of my livid !
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    I have had this problem too, using the patch from Jason now. Hope this fixes the problem. I love WebOS but I am finding new bugs by the day with it, and i am getting less and less likely to purchase another buggy device while waiting for it to be fixed. Palm win me back!
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