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    How I change the icons through Webosqi? I have a theme installed...but I just want to change some icons.
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    is this possible...changing icons via webosqi?? (I don't have a theme installed.)

    and I did post this question in another thread before I saw this one...just having a tough time making sense of all the responses here! jk-lol
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    The only way (if you know the exact location of the app you are trying to change it's icon for) i know of is to use the "receive" option in webos quick install to receive the icon.png, change it, then use the "send file" option to send it back to the correct location.....then again, it requires you know the exact location of the app (usr/palm/....)

    you can also use internalz to locate the app you want to change.

    good luck

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