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    If many internet websites can harm your computer with viruses and etc without being protected, is it the same with the palm pre? Sometimes the WebOS system start lagging because of being on the internet or playing a game, until a restart is made.
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    i always wondered that also. i think the virus would have to be intended for a webos device (i may be wrong) so i think the chances are slim, but it would be nice if palm came out with an antivirus app. i'm sure someone else probably has a better answer lol
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    Viruses would have to have WebOs as an intended target. Sites would have to have some sort of malicious code. The nice thing about WebOs and most other smartphones for that matter is that something needs to install in order to hurt you.

    Best advice is to never leave your phone in Dev mode. This is really a non-issue at the moment.
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    yeah i heard bout leaving your pone in developer mode because it disables something so hacking can be done.

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