Note: I posted this thread on gdgt (user: ted) and thought it would be helpful to post it here too. This is somewhat of an odd and completely frustrating error that I have never heard of before. I'm posting it with hope that if anyone else has this problem they will know what they're in for.


So earlier this week my Pre did something weird: all of the app icons disappeared, save for the 4 at the quick launch part of the screen. While I could still universal-search an app and launch it, whenever I would attempt to open the main launcher I would be greeted by a gray translucent screen. Where there should have been apps and the icon for the 3 app pages there was nothing. I did a hard reset, and partial erase, the whole nine yards and got nowhere.

After a lengthy discussion with Sprint, I took the phone in to the store to be looked at/replaced. They had it for 3 days, ordered a replacement, and signed in with my palm profile. Nothing changed.

Turns out my Palm Profile was corrupt; somehow the local and cloud saves of my profile were unusable and Palm had no way of fixing it. After some calls (exasperated at this point, 3 days w/o a phone), I reached a support person that must have actually worked at Palm (and not in a call center). I was told that if I nuked my profile (deleted every app, turned off online backup, and did a partial erase) I would have a usable phone again. The only catch was that I was going to loose all my old texts and any contact that was stored in my plam profile (ended up being 5 people or so). So I did it.

I nuked my profile, reinstalled what I could, and my phone works again. I'm out some texts and contacts, and 3 days of phone usage, but I did get a new piece of hardware (my OG Pre was a little banged up and the headphone connection sucked) and I've found a solution to an error I have never seen in any other forum. Anyone else have this problem?

And a final note: the support personal said my only other option aside from nuking the profile was to create a new palm profile with a different email address.