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    I have a Pre (sprint) and love it with one major exception... The browser can navigate my company's employee site just fine, except for displaying a very simple text page containing my monthly schedule. This text page looks like an old dumb terminal text page with the month displaying top to bottom. Using any browser: IE6,7,8, FireFox or even on the Iphone, the schedule displays just fine. It's blank on the Pre. There are 42,000 employees in this situation at my company. The Pre is getting good buzz and reviews on our private forums, but people are not going with them because of this little bug. Viewing your schedule on the road is a primary need.

    Can anybody give me any ideas on this, or where I could submit a problem report and get it fixed?

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    If you're comfortable installing patches there is one that changes the way the phone reports itself to the webpage so that content is displayed the same as on an iPhone. Does it work on your friends' iPhones? If so, just install this.
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    Thanks.... I'll try that patch and see what happens.

    BTW... I noticed that my company has a note saying that Iphone users should user the Journey browser. Is there such a thing for the Pre?
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    Will that patch work if I want to get on my University's Wifi access?

    It says my browser isn't supported... so technically that patch will make the university think I'm running Safari mobile?

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