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    So I am not a programmer at all, just a power user.

    I noticed one thing the pre totally lacked was the ability to backup the "home" folder to a remote location.

    I really don't have the need to sync my pictures or music, since i really don't use my phone for those functions. But what I do use it for is all sorts of random things. I like to have spreadsheets, PDFs, scans, and all sorts of useful documents that I use in my daily business dealings. The palm cloud doesn't back these files, I'm sure to save room. The other issue, is, if the phone dies, you only have your contacts saved.

    It is such a pain to plug in my pre to the USB port, select USB drive, take my phone offline, manually copy files to the pre and then eject my pre from my computer.

    My thoughts is this. Since i run a linux desktop (ubuntu), i was thinking have an app that can sync files over rsync, FTP, SMB to a pre-destined computer. Syncing it up to one of my servers via rsync would be ideal, then I could rsync that folder with my desktop. Anytime i need a file on my phone, i can just place it in the predestined folder and sync it to the server, and then on the road I could sync my phone with my server and have the file handy. If I make any changes to the file or add new ones, it will be on my desktop before i get home.

    If my phone dies then it no big deal, I have contacts and email and files all saved safe. Activate new phone, turn on my palm profile and let then phone do its magic over time.

    Things to consider:
    1) There should be a switch to set it to run only when using a Wireless, or to also run when using EVDO and should have a way to detect if the phone is more idle and should not run when loads are above a certain threshold
    2) Should have local network and remote network settings and should know when it is connected to the local network
    3) Should show the status of the last sync, including time and date of sync, how much data total stored and transfered for this sync, any warnings or errors that occurd and time of the next automatic sync
    4) should include a way to indicate what items to backup, IE, SMS, photos, downloads, general files, and possibly other special data as well.

    Anyone else thinks this is a good idea?
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    Take a look at the thread about Dropbox and please vote. I like to have my stuff apart from only ONE centered storage...just my take on this.

    I like the idea to look into what is stored away and manually set each item to sync or not to sync, with Dropbox you can do this on a folder level now...only we need the app from them...
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    You can do this by setting up samba and then using rsync. Could even rsync to a dropbox share that is on another computer. Could also add to cron for periodic syncs.

    See xorg tools in link below for getting the basics setup (samba and cron scheduling).
    xorg tools - power tools for power users
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    is the rsync binary even on the pre?

    I also can't see your links yet till im at 10 posts, sorry :|
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