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    Let me start by saying that I currently use a Palm Pre and I enjoy it very much.

    The notification system on the Palm is a very good system but naturally, I do have some complaints.

    Whenever you get a notification it always messes with the screen. It pushes the lower part of the screen's buttons and actually makes the whole viewing part smaller. While I don't mind the slight size change, I do mind that it takes WebOS a few sketchy seconds to reconfigure itself. If you look at Android ,who also has a very good notification system, just shows you what you have at the top without slowing it down or getting in the way.

    Do you think Palm will ever find away around this to make this system any better or smoother? What would you like to see improved on this?
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    i currently have no issues with it, wouldnt change a thing
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    I agree with your complaints. I believe that with time as the webos matures and speed improvements are introduced, notifications will transition more smoothly. Once the GPU becomes more utilized throughout the OS, this will become a lesser issue if one at all.
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    i need help installin my novacom :/
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    Speed is still something what needs to be improved on webOS... but the notification system is great for me as it is
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    I also think that notifications are great on webOS. That's probably the last thing they should focus on improving.
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    I think the notifications are great. Palm please focus on getting the GPU working to make the phone faster.
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    I think his issue is more with speed than implementation. In any case yea, all in due time.
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    The only thing I'd change is expanding a stack of Notifications. For example if I get 7 emails and I perform some gesture on the email notification stack it would expand the stack. I'd like the same for IM notifications but a list of conversations (1 list entry per conversation).

    Different gestures:
    Sweep Notification up:
    The Good:It's an intuitive gesture and follows the standard for the sweep down menus from the top bar.

    The Bad: The problem with sweeping up would be the separation of notifications that is currently implemented. If you sweep up the bottom item you'd sweep right up into the notification for something else and I'd imagine that's would be all kinds of confusing to the OS. Also, if you start to low you can catch part of the gesture area which would become the current sweep up gesture possible stopping your current app.

    Clicking Notification Stack:
    The Good: Still intuitive if the notification changed to a "You've got mail" style instead of the current informative notification.

    The Bad: I think many people would find it to annoying since it requires 2 clicks to look at that newest email that caught your attention.

    Sweep Left/Right to Remove from the top of the stack:
    The Good: You get to see every notification and can still click to open it.

    The Bad: You need to sweep every #$%!ing notification to clear the entire list (very annoying if you get spammed). Can be avoided if button + gesture sweeps all notifications from the stack.

    A note for all options, a notification for an inbox would not go away when you entered that inbox. It would be cleared if you read or mark that email as read however.
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