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    Ok, I have posted this under a different column so I thought I'd try this request.
    I have tried to completely clear the Pre, first by using go. Now webosdoctor will not recognize the phone, in fact neither will quickinstall. The Pre's own wipe feature, full erase, still leaves part of the theme in place. The only thing that is wiped, it seems, is the personal information, media etc.

    When I do erase, I still have to set it up as if it's a new phone, but the theme(world of warcraft lich king) is still showing. I dont understand? Isn't this supposed to be a full wipe? Even the patches are still there(landscape email, etc.)

    As per one user said, I removed the battery, and while holding the up volume, install the battery and wait for the screen to show the USB never happened.

    Please help me. I originally did this just to clean the Pre because some of the updates for the programs(flightview, suduko, guitar reference, etc.) werent working.

    Someone please help!!!!
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    did you try turning off the back up app ?... this is going to erase the info in your cloud so this is a warning you need to save your contacts first and then do a partial erase with the back up app offf!!!
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    No I havent dont that one. Hum...Is this the only answer? Im curious why webos doctor and quickinstall wont recognize the phone to begin with. I even did that tutorial that had me use ORCA to edit a line in one of the things x86 or whatever it was.
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    ok I did now profile lol but still has the world of warcraft where sprint should be and still the icons, not to mention still has the patches LOL. No clean wipe yet!
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    Reseting Palm Pre Back To Factory Defaults | Think You Got it Bad
    [...] Resetting palm pre back to factory defaults this will completely wipe your palm pre …and reset it to factory defaults dial ##786# password is 865758
    is another option but I guess I have to get the password or msi code?
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    I called Sprint, got the number, totally reset the phone and....It still didnt get rid of the world of warcraft at the boot up screen. Palm first shows up and then the world of warcraft lich king logo still shows, as does the danged world of warcraft in blue instead of sprint, and I still have to redo the danged profile.

    There has got to be a way to COMPLETELY wipe this stupid phone. The stupid webosquickinstall doesnt even recognize the phone nor the doctor. Yet I can hook it up to the pc and it recognizes it.

    Please someone with some sort of knowledge can you help out?>
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    I'm having the same problem right now. I cleared it, but parts of the theme stuck behind. I couldn't use the webosquickinstall either. Once you clear the phone, you have to turn the developer mode back on, now i'm trying the webdoc.

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