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    Does anyone know if it is possible to get some facebook contacts instead of all of them? On my facebook account, I have a friends list of the people I am really close with to differentiate from old school friends, etc who I enjoy learning about but do not want to be in my phone's contact list. Does anyone know of a way to just add a specific list to contacts instead of all facebook friends?
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    I though there was something you could set in Facebook on a person's page to restrict this but I'm not finding it right now.

    But I'd suggest personally to ignore the contacts app. You'll never know when it might be worthwhile to have the phone-number of a facebook friend or even a picture of them. As long as you don't open the contacts you'll never know they're there unless you actively go searching for them. And what's nice about this is you get in the habit of just typing a person's name when you want to text, email, or call them and you'll be amazed at how much more convenient that way is.

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