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    Has anyone heard anything about a native Gmail client application for WebOS?

    I personally would love one.

    The WebOS email application does not synch my folders well. Only the inbox seems to stay up to date.

    The ability to search my archived/labeled mail on my Pre would be quite nice.

    Even the Java Gmail app on my old Upstage phone allowed me to do the staple Gmail functions.

    Does anyone else feel that a native Gmail app would be useful?

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    Gmail's web interface has a touch optimized version which works quite well in the Pre's browser, just type into universal search or the browser to load it. Once loaded, tap Web on the top right of the pre for the browser menu and select Page> Add to Launcher. Then you can launch it directly or even drag it onto the quick launch bar in place of the Pre mail application. My only complaint with it is that the Search box is on the bottom of the page so you have to scroll down to search. Not a very big complaint, as complaints go...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkurtw View Post
    Does anyone else feel that a native Gmail app would be useful?

    Absolutely. A native app along the lines of what is available in Android would be fantastic.
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    I never thought of a native gmail app before since mines tied right to the email client. Though I must say... When I needed to re-email a starred message from a year ago I found myself fighting with both the built in client *and* the web based one. Google's APIs are decent, perhaps a developer looking for something to practice with will see what he can do.
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    Yeah switching between the web client and the app is kind of annoying. The web client won't auto complete your contacts when you compose an email and the email app won't let you search your archived mail.

    The web client is decent but it acts kinda funny to me: ignores clicks sometimes, does not refresh the screen after searches, etc. The offline access is nice to have also... Not your whole archive of course.

    The android style client would be really nice.
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    I have searched for one, but none in sight.

    Threading alone would be a huge upgrade to the webOS web client
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearWater View Post
    Threading alone would be a huge upgrade to the webOS web client
    I concur. So far I think my pre+ is the third best phone ever made, this would bring it closer to second for me.

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