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    After I doctored my phone, my events that were saved in my Palm Profile were loaded back into the phone. However the times are 8 hours ahead of what they should be. The phone automatically changes the time to 8 hours ahead of whatever i input. if i add a new event and input say 5:00PM, after I save the event, it shows up as 1:00AM...

    This is very annoying!!! Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you solve it?!
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    anyone?! =(
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    I had similar issues. I ended up Dr'ing my phone a couple of times and finally it just fixed things. When I viewed an event with a messed up time, then pushed on the time, it actually showed the correct time on the event details, but not on the calendar. Was pretty weird.
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    Another thing, do a Full Erase, Phone Info>Reset Options>Full Erase, before you run DR again. This seems to have the key for me.
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    aww man, good to know theres a soln to this, but is it the only way? haha today i checked my events and now the events are one full day behind as inputted. like you said, it shows up in the event details correctly, but when looking at the calendar or day view, the times are off.
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    thanks, fixed with webdoctor =(

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