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    I am attempting to run WebOS repair utility on my pre, but i keep receiving the error message: ERROR: File does not correspond a valid WebOS Doctor file for the version of WebOS on your device.
    I have confirmed that I have the correct version of WebOS Doctor installed and they are in the same folder.
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    Me to,how can we do this..Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by migfran View Post
    Me to,how can we do this..Thanks
    In webOS Repair Utility, go Tools->Download Current webOSDoctor and you'll be able to get the current webOSDoctor file.

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    Thank you, i followed the steps and still getting "Error the connected device is of a web os version not supported by webos repair utility"
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    im also having the same problem.. i have uninstalled webOS Doctor and reinstalled it but i am still getting the error message! some help would be nice.
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    make sure you rename the file "webosdoctor" (without the quotes).
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    file was named webosdoctor.... if i try to run webosdoctor it works just fine, but if i try to run webos utility repair i get and error
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    are they in the same folder ? they all need to be in the same folder! also if you just doctored your phone you need to turn dev mode back on as well
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    WebOSRepair Utility V1.9
    Run this app
    Click - Tools - Download Current WebOSDoctor

    Put file in same directory as OSrepair. File is named - webosdoctor.jar
    Close the app

    Open the app back up, select override....
    - select WebOSdoctor

    Get error. Please help! I'm trying to get some patches off my phone and I still haven't been able too.

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