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    idk if this has ever been brought up, but wouldn't it be cool if the apps, when in card view, could be minimized into the notification area. Leave the apps running, but be able to see ur wallpaper? And then just tap the notification to bring up the cards when ur ready to use them again.
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    sort of like the Windows task bar? That would be cool!
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    Sounds like a pretty cool idea. Maybe Jason could figure something out.
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    Interesting idea. The notification area might become too busy.

    I think minimizing active apps on the launcher bar by simply tapping the icon, much as the launcher icon works now, would be inituitive. Users can customize the launcher bar contents already. Lesser used apps could be minimized to their launcher menu tab. There is the risk of getting "too many cards" errors. However, as memory capacity increases in new generation webOS devices, this would eliminate launch time lags.

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