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    I filled up my pre with too much music so decided to delete a few albums. After selecting the artist and clicking delete, my explorer window locked up. I left it for about 10 minutes and finally unplugged the pre and brought it over to my linux box to examine it.

    I ran ****.vfat on the media partition and found this:
    # ****.vfar /dev/sdb
    Read 32 bytes at 5212119040: Input/output error

    Yikes. I've seen filesystem corruption before but it doesn't normally manifest itself as an IO error. I'm just wondering now if anyone else has tried a filesystem scan and if this is normal (I am guessing it is not)
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    why is f.s.c.k a bad word?
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    Oddly enough doing a scan of the partition in windows shows no problems, even a bad sector scan. I guess it is my old laptop that is the issue.

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