Anybody else agree that the color picker (specifically in the Calendar app) is anemic?

First, with such a beautiful and capable screen, going from a rich, colorful wallpaper or snapshot to my panzy, pastel calendar is just sickening.

Second, when managing multiple Google Calendars, having a mere eight color options makes this option almost useless when you start having to use the same color for more than one calendar.

What I would like to see is:
  1. A full palette of color options for any app that uses custom colors (even PalmOS had this).
  2. Along with the first option, the ability to choose the TEXT COLOR as well as background colors. For example, if choose a dark color, say Navy, for one of my calendars, I would need the text to be White in order to see it well (think DateBk or Agendus options).

Not sure if this is a function that Palm simply needs to update or if this is a patch/app that needs to be developed. Can any developer comment on this?