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    Far as i can tell there's no simple work around for this.

    After updating my WebOS the App Catalog will always tell me "restart is required to make adjustments - installation failed". After the restart there is no change. I used WebOS Doctor (latest version) to wipe the slate clean - same dilemma. I tried uninstalling the GNU, diffstat, package manager, and preware and reinstalling them in there proper order, but alas, nothing!! I havent tried the Emergency Migration Helper due to my unawareness of its ability in this situation. I looked through the forums and only found problems similar w/ no detailed solutions. Please help a fello' Pre lover out. Thanks!
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    Actually, the migration package may help.... it helped me.
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    Are you running WebOS

    This message comes when one or more of your apps couldn't be moved from /var into the usb partition. Running the EMR (Emergency Migration Helper) and a reboot fixes this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bioart View Post
    Actually, the migration package may help.... it helped me.
    yeah. migration package. in preware, goto list everything, type 'emergency'
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    I had the same issue, I had to get the sprint store to fix it ( though it broke my messaging app but I can use the app catalog now )
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