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    Despite the fact that this OS allows me to keep multiple apps open and active, I find myself clearing the deck when I'm finished with a task (even the ones that I do frequently during the day). Am I the only one? Do you keep cards open? Or do you tend to clear the deck?
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    I usually have 2 or 3 open that I am using all the time.
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    I'm like the OP and find myself always closing a card after I'm done using it. The only app I tend to keep open for an extended time is the messaging app.
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    I'm also like the OP. I seem to always close out the messaging app after sending a text knowing im gonna get a reply in less than a minute. Its a habit now. Does keeping them open kill the battery?
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    I've found keeping the 5 i use most open all day actually helps my battery life out.
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    I usually only have 1 app open at a time, 3 at max. However, I love WebOS so much and the ability to switch through apps even if I only have 2 up at a time is so amazing to me I love it so much.
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    Now let me read the question.. and.. ok, got it.

    So, I usually have nothing open, in some occasions (depends on where I am and what I am doing at the time) I leave some cards like the Clock and E-mail open. But when I'm working on it I just leave everything open, just the other day I was twittering, responding to e-mail, chatting on AIM with 2 people, browsing the web, checking a youtube video all over a 3G connection while riding the bus. And loving it.
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    I usually close cards I'm finished with.
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    I usually close all but about 3. I thin kit would be great if there were a way to hibernate an application and keep the card. Maybe instead of ficking the card up you flick it down. That way I would have a consistent way of accesing an app whether it is "running " or not.
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    I close them when done because I like my wallpapers too much to leave them open. I feel slightly bad about not using multitasking to its full potential, but... nah. I like using my phone the way I do.
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    During the day I always have SMS, email, and phone open, plus whatever application or applications I am using at that particular time. At bedtime I close everything down for the night. However, sometimes I forget and flick away cards as soon as I am done with them :doh:
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    I guess I fall into the "clean" camp ... I usually close cards when I'm done with them. Not sure why, just like the clean look and being able to see the nice wallpaper picture. It's interesting, because I really think the intention of WebOS is to have cards remain open so they're immediately available ... almost like widgets in Android. But for some reason I just flick them away ... sometimes when I don't really mean to .
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    Thats one of the beautiful things about WebOS, you can flick em away if you want you can leave em open if you want. Personally I tend to close them as I finish with them, sometimes I leave them open especially when I think I'll be coming back to it in the next few minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guerillatwang View Post
    I've found keeping the 5 i use most open all day actually helps my battery life out.
    Hmmm. For better battery life, I may give it a shot.
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    I'm a "closer, keep it clean" kind of guy, but I too might try keeping the cards open during high usage period.
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    I close em to. Like my pinup girls to much to keep hidden away by cards.

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