I was so excited a year ago(give or take a week or two) about this new device that was supposed to rival or atleast be as good as an IPHONE and it was to come out on sprint...my carrier..which at the time the best phone was the touch pro 2 and windows mobile was decent and all but i found it was boring to put it simply.

from june 6th till CES 2010 webOS really didnt shine like it was supposed to. The homebrew community was outshining the PALm ppl, and well there really wasnt any IPHONE quality apps. I was even considering ANDROID as a possible switch. Whichi I am glad i didnt!!

WEBos is shaping up to be all PALM and PRECENTRAL said it was gonna be. we have iphone quality apps and well now that Palm is launching on VERIZON I really see the WEBos brand taking off, I just hope us early adopters of WEBos dont get forgotten.

The PLUS webos devices coming out for verizon look great I l ike the lack of a button on the pre plus and the wifi on the pixi. THough I hope a new webos device comes out for sprint this year, hopefully on or before june 6th 2010.

I would like to see basically the pre but supper sized maybe with a 3.5+ inch screen and well other than screen size i love everything about my PRE classic!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has made MY PRE even better than when it came out the box..
first off let me thank PALM for allowing us to do pretty much whatever we want to OUR webos devices i.e. homebrew, etc..

thank you precentral for keeping me up to date with all the latest and greatest WEBos news and apps..

thanks PREWARE for the first 3-d app to run on the PRE i'mn talking DOOM!!!!

and mytether thanks for bypassing the no tethering with a PRE and turning my device into a wireless hotspot basically palm and verizon have taking a page from your playbook and realized this is a key feature of the pre.....

LAST BUT NOT LEAST thank you to all the developers you have made this journey exciting with the best apps any OS can have!!!!

oh yeaH preload is in the title for a reason, it would allow me to download massive amounts of ringtones and sometimes homebrews that other sources didnt have!!