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    Hi there folks, today is the 1st time i have paid any attention to my pre for a while so i have been runing 1.1.3

    i have seen that a newer version is available so i removed all patches etc and went to the updates icon. It tells me that version 1.3.1 is available to download which i am in the process of doing. However i see everyone here talking about version 1.3.5???

    i am in the uk btw can anyone advise me?

    ok please can somebody offer some guidance with this point - after about 10mins of installing 1.3.1 the screen went blank and wont turn back on

    it wont register a connection with the computer so i guess its some kind of power faliure. Do i pull the batt? what should i do? cant run webdoctor cos the power to the phone is off

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    Look around on these forums were the webos doctor info is, some people have posted ways to get the doctor to work when all else fails.

    Secondly. The latest in the US is, overseas im not sure. Someone there just got over there I think. Sorry I can't be more help.

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