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    I've noticed recently that the email app on the Pre has stopped noticing when I've already read an email from another source, such as on a desktop computer.

    The problem in detail is that the Pre will show you a notification of a new email when it arrives, then if you go view the email on a computer, and check the pre an hour later, it still shows the new email notification.

    I'm pretty sure that when I first got the Pre it would remove that notification if I read the email from a PC then checked the phone like 5 or 10 min later. It seems that somewhere along the way, with an OS update, or maybe some patching or something that I've done, this function has broken.

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their Pre/Pixi?

    Or (even better) someone has come up with a workaround or a solution?
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    I am experiencing the same issue using Gmail, and I also believe that the problem began with the 1.3 update. It can be annoying, and hopefully will be fixed in a future OS update.

    At least I'm receiving notifications on the Pre, unlike many others who have posted on this forum.

    Edit: I didn't realize there's another thread on this subject here.
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    Yeah, I'm experiencing this with my Gmail account too, forgot to mention that.

    I have it syncing with a Yahoo! account, but I really don't recieve very many emails from there, so I'm not sure whether it's happening there too. I'll try a test email and report back if it's happening with Yahoo!.

    But yeah! Right around the 1.3 update is when this issue seemed to have started.... thanks for at least letting me know I'm not crazy.

    Edit: I didn't see that thread either, and to save ppl the time, it states that it's a common occurence and that Palm is aware of it as a bug. Hopefully this means it will be fixed, if not, no biggie I s'pose...
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