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    so i have palm pre. have learned to sync with google and not the unreliable palm profile. and do all sorts of tweaks and such. and saved my PalmDatabase.db3 to my desktop. however...

    my roomie's little sister who has a pixi doesnt know any of this. she dropped her pixi cracked the screen and got a new one thru insurance. activated her new phone and got no contacts. id rather not call palm for support cause they wasted my time and never got my contacts back. so...

    what are her options of getting contacts out of her old cracked phone? the touchscreen is completely out.
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    well if she just swapped at sprint id rush back if they havent dr'd her phone and have em transfer contacts the old fashion way on that handy little gadget they have for that otherwise idk
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    Update to the same version of WebOS as her last backup was performed using.
    Do a partial erase
    Sign back into her Palm profile.
    All her contacts will be back
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    she has the old cracked phone with her cause she needs to send it back to insurance. sprint said they cant get contacts out. so i was hoping to some how connect it to a pc but with the screen not working im not sure how.
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    put it in usb mode hold up on volume rocker and power button thats how sprint got mine
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    Pull battery out, hold down the up button while inserting the new battery, back up pre from USB disk mode
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    homelessguy. can you elaborate or point me in the direction of how to get contacts out using usb mode.
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    did u ever find out how todo this? im trying everything and my contract is up and my phone is cracked and i ened my contacts
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    your contacts are on whatever profile they came from (palm, google, etc)

    That's where you need to get them from. Where are you syncing contacts? And are you getting another Pre? If you do, it will automatically download them to your phone when you log in to your Palm Profile...

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