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    See the story here. Who wants their banking or creditcard accounts being misused. I wonder if it's possible that we will see such things with WebOS given Palms new app distribution model. What about via Preware feeds? How much policing is done with the stuff we pull from the homebrew scene?

    BTW I really really appreciate the home brew crowd, WebOS internals, the Precentral community and all those that contribute to this powerful open environment. Oh, and Palm of course.
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    That's the advantage of being on the smaller platform, it's not half as interesting for misuse because of the smaller user base. That's good for WebOS users.
    I would expect virusses and phishing to hit iPhones and Android first, although Android and WebOS are a lot more accessible because of the open app distribution of course.
    Will be interesting to see.
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    I would certainly hope that Palm wouldn't publish a banking app submitted by "Droid09"

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