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    Hi Everyone - This problem started for me over a week ago. Spent hours with Sprint on the phone, tried webos doctor, tried everything - finally sprint gave me a replacement phone. Loaded my old profile settings - SAME PROBLEM. So, I did a full erase than put in a completely new profile, and didn't add any google calendar or contact accounts since it appears the problem could be related to those (my emails are gmail so I had to quickly delete the contact and calendar accoutnsa after adding email since the pre generously give you no choice but to add gmail calendar and contacts if you add a gmail email account). Then, for several days it worked.

    I havent installed a single patch or tweak or anything. then about an hour ago - BAM - phone offline, now toggling on and off every few minutes.

    Help! I don't want another phone just to do this again and sprint seems to have no clue what's going on. Any ideas?

    Also has anyone noticed that the search tool on precentral hasn't worked in like a week?

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    If you have developer's mode ON. It will go offline every 30 seconds or so.
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    I forgot to add - my pocketmirror now won't sink with my computer, I get an error saying that calendar services aren't running. It was working fine with the replacement phone and new profile, but i got the same error when the old phone was f'd up
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    Developer mode is off. I've done nothing unofficial to this phone, at all.
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    im having this same problem and havent been able to search the forums for the longest time either.


    Everything I have read on the web said a replacement phone wont fix the problem so i dont even want to go and get another phone.

    I am so frustrated, I just want my pre to work, it now works less than 50% of the day.

    People say restarting the phone and entering and exiting airplane mode fixes it, well yea it fixes it for maybe an hour. I dont feel like resetting my phone 10+ times a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscarvictor View Post
    If you have developer's mode ON. It will go offline every 30 seconds or so.
    What do you mean? why would developer mode affect this

    Its definitly not going offline every 30 seconds....

    please elaborate
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    My pre used to go offline intermittently. I would restart it and it would connect to the network then. Now, I restart, and it doesn't connect. The airplane mode ON/OFF doesn't work for me, it then gets stuck on airplane mode. My phone is now an ipod touch, it can connect to WIFI, but can't make or receive calls! Sprint isn't being helpful either. I do like the pre and cool-ness factor, but using this phone is much more annoying than the treo 755p. This is my 3th pre, my first has the headphone issue, the 2nd had the defective slider, and now my third has the phone offline issue. I'm about to quit WebOS/pre and move on to an Android device.
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    My first profile did this due to it being corrupted, and all fingers pointed to an issue with my FB account. It would constantly take out both wifi and the cell radio, and the only fix I found was to make a new profile.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    hmm.. since today morning I got the same issue... I'm using the same profile, the same patches since november (as I bougt Pre). but today. I wake up. Phone offline. did a java restart. didn't help. i even can't start preware. cuz phone goes offline every ahmm.. 1,5-2 mins. preware is loading. then phone offline. preware popups an package manager error and stops loading feeds... *** ?!?!?!?
    device restart, luna restart, java restart don't help. I even turned my pre off. for 2-3 hours.. just turned it on.. 2 mins and Phone offline appears.....
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    fisrt try opening the phone app and go into preferences intop left and scroll down to update network settings .sometime these get messed up or they add new towers that jack things up . And while ur there update the prl as well. This may help you out. If not open device info app go into top menu and do the quick tests of which will test phone hardware and send a notice to palm and give you an error number if something is wrong. Also do the interactve tests while there.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    quick test gave no error.
    i've done full erase. it now restores palm profile and keeps being online (no Phone offline message)

    but what was the problem? I mean I haven't done anything yesterday. and today morning it looses signal every 2 mins

    btw: profile restoring took about 1,5-2 minutes... after doctoring last time it took 10-15 minites o_O
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    I would recommend getting another replacement phone if you have exhausted all channels to repair. I had this same problem on a replacement phone.
    I got it changed and viola it works like a champ. No idea what causes it to happen but
    it is what it is.
    I curious if your replacement phone was a warranty exchange or insurance exchange?
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    hmmmmm... the funny thing is.. that after doctoring or full erase. while it's the menu where you can create new profile or login into your old profile it's always in 3G. while downloading apps (restoring profile) phone works too. but after the OS is started... Phone offline.... ( try now to delete all apps, rebackup profile, and redoctor again. cuz after loading it starts to reinstall apps. and 20 secs after it starts to reinstall it - Phone offline.........pfffffffff
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    after doctoring i was out of my home... at my sister's home... and since that - ca. 4 hours no "Phone offline"'s ... maybe there was an provider issue? cuz after doctoring i had the issue and at other place (or other time) i hadn't o_O

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