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    Hello I have a really great idea for a new Smartphone that will not only be an iPhone killer but a killer to all smartphones. It would even replace desktops and laptops making them only useful for memory storage...

    Yes I know this is a HUGE statement, but HUGE matches my idea perfectly.

    Well i'm looking for help to bring a great idea to reality. So if anyone can help or point me in the right direction... it will just be a great thing for all Smartphone users.
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    Hit a Radio Shack. Grab some parts. Start soldering.
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    I hear these guys can build these kind of things cheap:
    Foxconn Electronics Inc. -- Products: New products
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    You dont say if your idea is software or hardware or a combo of both. I'll assume its hardware because there is no way you have a better OS than what is already on the market.

    Here are the steps I would take. I would start by hiring a lawyer and have him draft a iron clad NDA. Then I would hire a technical illustrator and have him / her sign the before mentioned NDA. I would then have the technical illustrator draw up detailed diagrams of my new super-phone. Now I would hire a patent research firm to find out if any of my unique ideas have already been patented. (Chances are very good that they have and that would kill the project.) If they hadn't I would then hire a patent attorney and file for patents on everything that is unique regarding my new super-phone. Once all of that is completed then I would hire a engineering company to make a non working mock up. All of these first steps would probably cost in the neighborhood of 200-300 grand. At this point I would be ready to shop this idea around to various smart phone manufacturers. If you skip any of the these steps they will probably just steal your idea and run. (Assuming it is any good).
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    Yes it is a unique combo of hardware and software. No I didn't make my own OS. I'm a drawing board type of guy. My my biggest fear is getting this idea stolen. Plus I don't have the money myself to pull something like this off. Yeah its just an idea that needs help.
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    You know what... I might just release this idea a lil later so Palm or somebody could make the phone the smartphone world needs...

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