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    If this helps even one person it's worth posting:

    My daughter and I both have Pre's. She asked me to buy her an app. After paying for it I thought, "Why should the email notification go to her account when I'm the one who paid for it." Then I made the nightmare mistake. I changed the email on her phone to my email address. Shortly after midnight my phone says I'm logged out of my Palm profile and would I like to "Erase All Data". After almost two hours with both a Sprint and a Palm rep on the phone, the verdict was....I lost all my data. I'm starting over from scratch. All those apps that used to be free and now aren't. Contacts. Photos. Everything. When the phone started all over as if brand new showing me how to do a freaking back gesture, I cried.

    Oh, and now since I used my credit card for a purchase on her phone, when I try to use it on mine I'm told it might be a fraudulent card. Sigh. I need wine.

    Nightmare continues. Now my daughters phone just got signed out of her profile too. On chat with Palm now. Because I didn't verify the email changing her profile back to her email address, the two accounts are linked AGAIN. Now I will lose all my data again. But I have to wait until the morning for that privilege because there's no one to talk to at Sprint on a Sunday night.
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    I'm very sorry. That really sucks.

    You might try using Google for your contacts and Calendar.

    I think I have read a similar story here before
    I have a question though. Did you change her email address in the app catalog or did you sign into your Palm Profile on her phone?
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    Thanks. There is a screen right after you submit your credit card that says "Verify Email Address" and "When you purchase items, we'll send receipts to <emailaddress>." Then your choices are: OK or Change This Address. It never mentioned changing a profile. It just sounded like that's where they would send the info about the purchase.
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    I did a webos doctor recently and I lost more then half my contacts. Some sync'd some didn't.
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    Use google to store everything. I keep literally nothing not specifically related to my pre (like apps, etc) on my palm profile.

    I'm sorry but at least you know when storing on google you'll never have this happen again.
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    Thankful for Google calendar. Looks like my contacts were stored on Google, so they look pretty good. No idea how to store apps on google, though. Tried searching around. Do you have a suggested link? I did contact the support for Absolute Fitness with my sad sob story. That was the app I had just purchased for both my daughter's and my phone. Hopefully they'll give me a break. Thanks!

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