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    The guys at Engadget had some very flattering things to say about WebOS and Palm in their Podcast - Day 3 from CES:

    Engadget Podcast 177: CES 2010 Day 3 - 01.08.2010 -- Engadget

    The first 20 minutes plus was all about Palm and WebOS.
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    That was great.
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    Yep, I enjoyed it, too.
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    Woohoo! Is this the right engadget?! The apple ******* engadget? So good to hear them talkin about WebOS love.
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    If it's the same podcast I listened to, I heard the word iPhone every other minute of those 20... =(
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    I do have to say it was nice. I listed to the podcast last night and there was a feeling of excitement from the engaged staff, and just a lot of cred given to WebOS. Generally though, its difficult not to get excited, Palm did just about everything that people were hoping for and more (except bring out a new form factor device - which really, it's too soon).

    Though personally, I've never noticed a pro Apple bias myself. If anything, there may be a bit of an Android bias (especially due to gmail and other Google service integration).
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    I think their Podcasts are always at least fair to Palm and WebOS, but this one in particular they were very complementary. They are not just a bunch of Apple Fanb0ys. In fact they rip on the iphone & ATT more than any other device / carrier. Paul and Nilay are pretty hot on Android these days but they are always quick to point out the weaknesses of the platform. Josh tends to remain pretty unbiased and objective.

    IMO Engadget the best Podcast in the business and should be the gold standard by which all others are compared.

    Joshua Topolsky is easily the funniest guy in the technology media. I always find their podcasts informative and very entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoaster View Post
    If it's the same podcast I listened to, I heard the word iPhone every other minute of those 20... =(
    Yes there were comparisons, but it a positive light:
    -Apple like video recording/editing is reminiscent of Apple
    -OS navigation, game play, notification "Brilliant'
    -App distribution model & creation superior to Apple's (complete freedom in app design and disto)
    -Desire for WebOS to grow and prosper

    If they say nice things about the the iPhone it's because the iPhone does a lot of things really well (just not at the same time ). Multi-touch being one of them.

    I don't know, to me, it's hard to complain about this podcost! Devoting that much time to Palm I think speaks for itself (it's a 55 minute pod cast).
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    Really enjoyed the podcast. As mentioned, its hard not to be positive given what Palm produced at CES... 2010 could be a stellar year for the platform
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    this was a wonderful review by end gadget
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    IMO, this podcast was aa good synopsis of what Palm has presented, with a fair analysis of the show's hosts thoughts on what the motivations and potential for WebOS and Palm are.

    They raised some very good points, about G-mail, and, come to think about it, the more they spoke about it, the more I realized personally, how much WebOS has inb common with Google's intentions for Android... that little card thing that pops up when you hit the menu button showing "cards" of each of the 5 portions of the home screen - it brings a thought to mind that the Android designers either would like to have thought of this themselves, OR, want it for themselves.

    If I were Google, I'd be looking at the WebOS and Palm right now very carefully. The Linux core for both it and Android would make it fairly economical to support both devices, and, buying Palm would allow them 2 very important things:

    1. Access to Palms GUI patents, so they can use the "Cards" UI in Android,

    2. A second phone patform to take in a different direction, say, gaming and entertainment focused, versus Android, which, could be production oriented.

    Shows what a good analysis can inspire.. great job, Engadget!
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    They have been in love with WebOS from day one, however only one of them on staff has a WebOS device. Paul had one but returned it before his 30 day period was up.

    They love WebOS and do give it the respect it deserves, that being said I hope that Palm listens to the Engadget podcast, as it's a perfect source to see what they need to do to make people happy.

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