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    I couldn't help but wonder after I saw the new video games. The iPod Touch has certainly helped Apple.
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    So what are you saying... Make a non-phone WebOS device, or make an entire touchscreen phone WebOS device?
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    How about PreSlate? A touchscreen netbook running WebOS with a keyboard. Built in wifi
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    i think u guys may be on to something i like the sound of that
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    The equivalent of the TX running webOS would be phenomenal, especially with a BT keyboard. Great for schools, too. {Jonathan}
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    right now webos's media capabilities could use an overhaul but its something to think about
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    If the phone was a bit smarter it could work. It'd just be a PDA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    So what are you saying... Make a non-phone WebOS device, or make an entire touchscreen phone WebOS device?
    I'm think a non-phone WebOS device. You could use it just like the iPod Touch. There are a lot of people who can't afford $30/mo for a smartphone, but want a portable media player that plays games. The PDA with Synergy would also be nice. I would go for lower cost via less miniaturization with a bigger screen and keyboard.
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    It's a nice idea, but it would be a niche product. I definitely wouldn't want one until the software had been updated quite a bit, but it's not a bad idea.
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    I too was thinking the same thing but first palm has to increase their product awareness. They are beginning to do this with the partnership with verizon and at&t. Once the marketing has started to peak. then it would be a good idea to make a palm touch. I think this could be very likely with webos 3.0. I think the pre plus is going to sell like hot cakes. If verizon starts to sell pre plus' at iphone rates which i this is very possible. This would bring tons of opportunities for palm.
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    I've been drooling for a webOS tablet ever since i saw the Joo Joo. I think Fusion Garage wasted time developing their own OS when they could have used webOS which is very close to what they came up with. Part 4 & 5 show the device being used.

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    I would LOVE something like that. I'm not sure if they have the money to do it though. The Pre and Pixi are only (relatively) cheap because they're subsidized by the cell phone carriers. Unsubsidized it's something along the lines of $500. A webOS equivalent to the iPod Touch would have to be about the same price as the Touch. Apple can do that because they have BILLIONS of dollars and can afford to find any way possible to shrink costs, or even sell at a loss (and make up for it in App Store sales, I'm guessing) and I have no idea how Palm would do that
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    Palm needs to make a PC software infrastructure to support a device that can't access the internet virtually anywhere (a plus for over the air updates). They are showing signs of working on this with the now online App catalog, but they need to add some kind of syncing ability to a PC (through USB, network, BT etc). As 063_xobx said, the media side of WebOS isn't there either.
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    I love the idea of a wi-fi only WebOS device. Not too original, but hey, it worked wonders for Apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    ....If it has a keyboard, then it would be the first PDA with a keyboard in a very long time. We're talking Casio and Sharp organizer long. If it doesn't have a keyboard, then it would be the only webOS device without a keyboard, making it a nightmare for developers trying to design user interfaces.
    You are forgetting, among many other devices, the truly excellent Palm Tungsten C. Keyboard, WiFi, fast. {Jonathan}
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    All really comes down to marketing and making it appear fun and making you think you need one in your life.

    Apple is just... well apple, ever since they came out with the iPod barely anyone knows about non-apple digital audio players, so they can get away with things like the iPod touch better.

    Then you go back to something like Nintendo with their DS and Wii, hardware wise they suck. Have a ton of games that appeals to a wide userbase.

    *shrugs* Just my one-and-a-half cents
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