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    Quote Originally Posted by orizzle View Post
    i use the java-services restart when i get the to many cards error and i want to play a 3d game. its pretty fast.
    Is java services restart the same as Garbage Collect in JSTop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amjz View Post
    also there is a PATCH called: "advanced-reset-options.patch"

    That patch adds a Luna Restart On holding the power button.

    Download it from this Post:
    Good lookin' out. Thanks.
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    I could be wrong, but I think you guys have a misunderstanding of what Luna is. Doing a Luna Restart is NOT restarting the operating system. I believe it is simply restarting the Window Manager. This is basically like killing Xorg or Gnome/KDE in Linux. This is why it is much faster than doing a full restart - it doesn't have to reboot the OS (which is really just the Linux kernel & drivers) - it just has to reload the window manager which is, in essence, just a program.
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    luna can also be restarted from preware. swipe down and go to luna manager. looks just like the luna manager app.
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