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    Since I upgraded to 1.3.5, all emails from my IMAP server arrive with the To: field containing 'Only BCC Recipients' and tapping the 'Reply', 'Reply All' or 'Forward' icons doesn't do anything.....

    I had upgraded to and no change so I backed up my PalmDatabase.db3 file and removed all Themes and patches. I doctored my phone to and strangely, NONE of my contacts came back from Palm Profile but Email was working again.

    I restored my PalmDatabase.db3 file to get my contacts back but in the process, Email is busted again.....

    Anyone seen this problem????? I can't believe that Email app functionality would be affected by the Database...

    At this point, it appears I will need to extract/save my contacts from the database file and doctor again - after which I recover my contacts by maybe using the one-time migration tool from Palm Desktop (after importing/syncing my contacts from the extraction).
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    I have this problem too.

    But only if I restore my previously PalmDatabase.db3.
    Everything works as expected if I stay with a clean PalmDatabase.db3

    I tryed removing and recreating the email and contacts accounts without success.

    You are restoring the database to get back the contacts.
    I have all my contacts in google contacts so I get them back when resyncronizing.
    But lose all sms and notes without the PalmDatabase.db3
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    Ok, I solved this problem, I would like to share how I did in case someone else have this problem.

    ATTENTION: Do a backup of yout PalmDatabase.db3, don't overwrite the one you have in your device without a backup.

    First you have to get the DB from the device. You can use WebOS Quickinstall or copy it with terminal in /media/internal. The file to get is /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3

    The problem is that the old DB has a VIEW that has a wrong condition.
    The VIEW to modify is "com_palm_mail_EmailRecipient"

    Here is how the VIEW is defined:

    CREATE VIEW com_palm_mail_EmailRecipient
    SELECT *
        FROM  com_palm_pim_Recipient
        WHERE _class_id IN (SELECT child_id
        FROM  _ClassTree
        WHERE parent_id = 92)
    To fix it you have to go to table "com_palm_pim_Recipient" look for the column _class_id. You will see that there are 3 or 4 IDs repeating. Look for the lines where the fields firstName and lastName are null or empty and the field displayName is a name or an email address. Note down the corresponding _class_id

    Now go to table _ClassTree and check that there is a row with your _class_id in both parent_id and child_id fields.
    In the DBs I have checked until now that line was always present.

    That ID is the parent_id to put in the VIEW.
    Save the new DB with the modified VIEW, copy it to /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 and reboot your Pre.

    Hopefully you will see all recipients normally and be able to reply to emails.

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