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    I've had my pre for about 3 months now, and I absolutely love it. It is sluggish at times, but this is a new OS platform, and this phone has actually spurred my interest into linux.

    Anywho, I've been wanting to get into the development of this phone, simply because I want to make the phone better. Specifically, I've heard a lot of talk about the GPU of this phone, and how much potential it could currently unlock if utilized properly.

    I have no experience in programming at all guys, but I'm not sure where to start. Is the phone's native language C/C++? Where do I start in terms of learning how to "optimize" the graphical animations of the phone (making things a lot smoother, not just Joe Smoe stuff, but actually fiddling with the code and cleaning it up a bit, optimizing it).

    Is this even possible? I'm not interested in developing applications for this phone persay, but more into the system utilities of the phone, like patches. The main objective here is to clean up the animations on the phone, make navigating through the phone similiar to the iphone (as in smoother), and even going as far as to outpace the Iphone. I don't care about competition or what not, I just want to serve a need that I've heard talked about lately here on the forums. If it's long and ardurous to do this, then you can count me in.
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    Nice enthusiasm mate! I'm proly not much help in terms of programming, but I think your best bet would be to check out the Web OS Development forum section here on PreCentral. I'm sure they'll letcha know what steps to take. Good luck!

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