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    Howdy guys. I downloaded Scrabble, Asphalt 5, Sims 3, Monopoly and Let's Golf yesterday. I played them all for hours on end and am very happy with them.

    This morning I unplugged my phone at about 8:30am and left it unplugged. I did not even touch it until 2:30pm (it's my day off, so I've been laying around the house). When I grabbed my phone I noticed that the battery was at about 20% after sitting there for six hours of not being charged. It was at 100% when I unplugged it.

    Before downloading the new game apps my Pre might have lost 15% over six hours of no use, but never 80%.

    Has anyone had a similar problem with the new games? Have you figured out which one(s) it is? I'll be erasing them one by one and testing how much battery life I lose with and without them. It'll test it over the weekend and let you guys know.

    If you are having this problem as well, post it here. We can figure it out and get it fixed by the Devs (like the People app was fixed).

    Thanks guys.
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    I did notice today my phone died a lot faster but I also played 30 mins of 3D games. Once I was done playing my phone was around 60% and I started sending text messages and like an two or three hours later I hit 20%. I just charged my phone and now am running Battery Monitor to see what happens.

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    I noticed that too but it was with doom. I played for about 30 minutes with a freshly charged battery in the morning and about 7 hours later, my battery was dead. After it turned it self off from having no battery power left, I put it on the charger. After fully charging it was back to normal.
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    Yeah I'm testing it now and something is up I'm draining almost 4% an hour just with text messages. I'm leaving my wifi on and just deleted the unthrottle patch to see what happens.

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    A little update: I ran the battery monitor and got some interesting results. With WiFi enables I was at a total run time of 6 hrs (not running any apps for the hour I ran the battery monitor).

    I turned off WiFi and all data and lost 1% of my battery over an hour.

    I wasn't having this problem before downloading the new games. So I'll erase them and add them back over the next couple of days to see which ones are causing the problems for me.
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    Ok I ran the test for 12h32m and I'm at 75%. I know what the problem was for me at least yesterday I sent and received over 100 text messages. My battery was getting killed when sending those texts as soon as I stopped the battery was hanging around 2% and hour drain compared to sending a lot of texts I was at over 10% and hour.

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    they said they are aware of that and plan to release a battery update in feb.
    Hi Everybody!!!
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    I installed Tetris and yesterday.

    My battery is draining at about 5% an hour with no cards open. I lost 50% of my battery strength while sleeping last night. I've Had this happen a few times over the last six months but a simple reset would fix the problem. I've removed the battery and cycled through all the modes of data and wifi but nothing seems to help this time.

    I haven't tried turning off the wifi to see if that helps. Normally, my battery life has been excellent. I've never installed patches or doctored my phone.
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    Thanks Osiris, glad to know that there is a patch coming. I deleted many of my apps and it helped a little, but not much. I'll just need to keep my WiFi and Data turned off until then unless I need it.

    I ran some more numbers today, and it made about a 5% difference in my battery life.

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