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    2.0 = New Phone in June with a 3.7in Screen with a front facing camera on sprints 4G network with snapdragon running everything. The newest feature will be video conference because thats a huge possibility on 4G and no one else's network can handle that much bandwidth.

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    the beta flash will be free in the catalog...its just to enable...bc flash is already built in on 1.3.5 just not enabled but the plugin that we download will make it for real...and 1.4 will make it full version...not beta...thats wut i think

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    No one's mentioned improved bluetooth capabilities like connectivity to keyboards, printers, or better file sharing capabilities yet. Those all seem like valuable, yet not hard hitting marketing bullet points. It'd look bad if a competitor exposed webOS's lack of those features, but they're too small to get that kind of attention right now.
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    Web OS 2.0 will be intorduced in either a new version of the Pre this summer, or a 3rd phone.

    It might be a completely different form factor, too.. such as a landscape QUERTY keyboard that slides out curved like, as does the Pre. Imagine a WebOS 480 x 800 capacitive touch screen in landscape mode above a really comfy keyboard! If the Droid's awkward (sorry, thats just my opinion,...) can be considered an asset to the biggest challenge to the iPhone last year, thsi would be a no brainer from Palm with WebOS on it - there IS a market for this form factor.. look at the Sidekick's success and Motorolla's Cliq.

    Another thing that would have to be on this new OS version would be voice-to-text, a-la- google's Nexus 1. If you have seen that work, and how well it works, you will understand that THAT is where the industry is going.. less typing, whenever possible. WebOS would be smart to include this natively, for all text fields. It has the processing power now to do it.

    And, finally, if they aren't going to provide synching to the desktop, they will have to decide to provide an SD card slot for users to be able to store their data, all data, or copies on, as well as paid-for-application authorizations, so that, in case of a unit breakdown, or a server side breakdown of T-Mobiles Sidekick fiasco last fall, the user is completely protected, and can get up and running again easily.

    IMO, of course.
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    2.0. . .The idea of Palm taking the initiative with a Tablet would be great. As for phone design, I would like to see a Pre 2 without all of the plastic hardware, a slightly larger screen, and a minimum of 32 gig, or an SD slot. I also hope Creepy Palm Girl isn't involved in any marketing strategy lol.
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    The only problem I have with the Pre 2 predictions is: Where are they going to present it. Palm needs large trade shows to unveil new items. The Pre was announced at CES last year. They had a huge display of being able to maintain and develop the Pre this year (v1.4, 3d games, all the developer stuff, etc.) at the worlds largest trade show. I don't think Palm is large enough to jump start a hype engine without wowing hundreds of reporters with an in your face display at things like trade shows. Apple, Google, Microsoft and to some degree RIM are capable of doing a major announcement outside of a trade show and getting the attention they want and need.

    I think WebOS 2.0 is going to come out with a new generation of hardware, but that hardware refresh will be sometime next year. There are a lot of version numbers they can use between 1.4 and 2.0. As many are predicting, OS needs after 1.4 will be relatively minor warranting only minor version bumps. If something new is released this June (Summer) it will probably be a memory bump to 16 or 32 gigs (ie a Pre+ type update for all), something that wouldn't necessarily need a trade show event. (Much like Palm did releasing the Pre and then expanding it to other carriers world wide).
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    Im still praying for voice command. I acctually want it more than flash..
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    Why's everyone forgetting a microSD card slot?!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    The only problem I have with the Pre 2 predictions is: Where are they going to present it.
    There's still the Mobile World Congress next month. That's where Microsoft is rumored to unveil Windows Phone 7 (previously known as Windows Mobile).

    I think the reason they didn't announce the Pre 2 at CES is because they had enough game already, and they didn't want to detract from the announcement of the Pre Plus.
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    Now that I use my Pre for everything, I would really love a larger screen.
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    What's really missing from webOS is the big synergy promises. Very little progress was made on that front, mostly small bug fixes, and competitors are busy incorporating all these features. Developers need access to it to make the real interesting apps. Games and voice recording are nothing new.

    Until 2.0 there will probably be more optimization work and gradual opening of APIs to developers, which is also important.
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    You had me a little nervous with your title, "If 1.3.5 got GPU" I sure hope GPU is not enabled in 1.3.5! I'm expecting a much bigger boost in responsiveness when GPU is enabled.

    The whole GPU issue is maddening. Why they would release a device with a piece of hardware completely dormant is beyond me. I guess it was a matter of software development not keeping up with hardware design.
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    2.0 will have the ability to talk back to you lol.

    In all seriousness, I hope they don't treat us like guinea pigs of the first experiment, and verizon gets the final results. I think it is fair that we all continue getting constant updates.
    I was a victim of the Samsung Instinct and it's poor development support.

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    i hear Voice Recording and new devices Bluetooth needs to be upgraded and there is no mention of document editing
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