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    a legitimate complaint is something like " hey i can't connect to exchange" or my synergy doesnt work etc...or wow this phone doesnt have enough ram to run multiple apps. not this phone sucks cause it doesnt do everything i want it too. no phone does that. and to the tool asking for a pic, are for real? what is it so hard about going to college and get an advanced degree? and there is a technique called reality therapy that challenges patients with borderline personality disorder and hundreds of other techniques. Good counselors take an active approach to counseling and there is volumes of peer reviewed studies that show the effectivness of confrontational counseling. *****
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    Quote Originally Posted by acez3001 View Post
    EVERY ONE IS LAMe!!! im tierd of all these loosers who keep requesting apps that we already freaking have. we have a virtual keyboard already god. ***? and seriously. barcode scanner. not possible. get over it. if there is anyway thats coming out it wont be for a while or it will be by a company like google. and same with google earth. its all on google to make that availible. and second.... seriously, we cant get access to the freaking mic on the phone yet in the sdk(software development kit) so there is no possiblility of a voice recorder or music identifier yet. geeze. quit being stupid ppl and read. this stuff im saying has been said tons of times so quit requesting the stuff.
    Except precorder has accessed the mic! How do you explain that?

    Just as annoying as noobs posting ?s allready answered is noobs posting inacurate info!

    Thanks for the laugh though. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Screenshot of you being a therapist-
    or it didn't happen.
    Screenshot, video, certificate from the state, and it's still all going to be a "fake".
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    Quote Originally Posted by echto View Post
    WOW! Talk about making it obvious that someone hates their job! A therapist that has been trained to listen is sick of listening. So I guess your more of a crook now instead of a therapist. You see your patients and say to yourself, "GREAT MORE WHINY LOSERS!", and then you smile and bill them. Nice.
    Actually, maybe he just got sick of reading... there's a difference
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    "Just be thankful for what you've got"

    Great song from the 70's. "You may not drive a great big Cadillac, gangster whitewalls, TV antenna in the back. You may not drive a car at all, but remember brothers and sisters you can still stand tall. Just be thankful for what you've got..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrandonf View Post
    I understand your point but in reality what other way do we have to make these companies listen? Do you think Apple was ever going to implement copy/paste unless people kept on complaining? Microsoft prettied up Zune 2/HD after the first one was universally criticized. Face it..when it comes to gadgets and tech (especially when problems can easily be fixed by software updates) the only way to make them listen is complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    Doesn't work for me. Look at my work contacts for example, I open my slider and hit W, but I get the + symbol instead. If I hit it again I get 2 W's then. Also someone like me doesn't always know who it is I am going to call. I'm a pipe welder, so I have many, many people in my phone that I just browse through, while job hunting or trying to find others to come on a job with me.

    I really don't care how palm decides to implement contacts on our phones, if they would make the contacts available to 3rd party apps. Theres no reason this shouldnt be done yet. The contacts plus app that is sitting idle on this site would be fantastic, if it had the ability to import your contacts. As it is, I'm not going to spend all day setting it up, to have my very undependable hardware fail on me the next day, and have to start all over again, with another junky refurb.
    Don't type W again, type the next letter, it'll work.

    The contacts are already available to 3rd party apps, though not using the standard APIs. From the description given at CES, it sounds as if this is even going to improve.
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    there was serveral post he could have done! I truly dont think he can code myself, but its none of my business. I just dont see why he would complain when this is what he asked for. So he punished himself, Dont ask a question you dont want answers to.
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    lmao loll
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    Quote Originally Posted by Godstyle View Post
    Born and raised, how about you?
    Moved here 2.5 years ago (from Norwalk). I thought I was the only one in this town with a Pre.
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    ill complain about Not complaining enough when the complaining originally started, so now i need to complain twice as much.

    So in essence im complaining about complaining, or the lack of complaining, im sure ill get many complaints about these kind of complaints that ill be making ... but i feel that sometimes you take one for the team.
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    Okay I have a small complaint about the web browser. How do you mouse over to reveal a drop down menu? I still haven't figured that one out.
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    No complaints here. Lovin' my Pre.

    Still miffed that there is no native Audible app yet...not interested in the Classic 'workaround'. But as soon as I get 1.4 on my phone, all my prayers have been answered.
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    how about when will the Pre have the ability to send a SMS txt msg to those callers being ignored? I believe this functionality was available on the Treo and is available on the Palm Pro.
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    Legit complaint: why can't I scroll within a table?
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    I am going to keep complaining about France...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertSilver View Post
    People don't realize that every company is allowed to make improvements over time.
    Are you sure people don't realize that? Or do you just have a childishly low tolerance for criticism?

    Imagine a world where no one ever "complains" ie asks for ie suggests anything. There would never be any progress.
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    How about a real spell check like all other enterprise solutions have.....
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    Maybe I'm old, but when did it become BAD for a consumer to complain about a product?...

    Every time I log into this site, I see about 3 people complaining about something WORTHY of complaints, and about 47 people whining and *****ing about how they should all be "satisfied and stop complaining" all don't see which is more annoying here, do you?...

    Do you guys HONESTLY think we'd be getting anything that's mentioned in the OP had no one voiced their complaints about the lack of them?...

    Anyways, I'm a happy camper now that Flash is on it's way...I'll be watching my fave anime subs streamed on my phone!...
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    I agree to an extent. The problem is that everyone has different priorities. I personally couldn't care less about voice activation software, I've never used it and I never will - but I understand that this is absolutely top priority for some people. People complain about what's important to them - I say let them, help them if you can and then finish the conversation. There's no need for a mini soap opera at the end of each complaint thread.

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