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    Quote Originally Posted by tennenho View Post
    Let's complain that our Pre doesn't do everything its competitors do, right out of the box...then complain that when it adds those additional features, and actually listens to our complaints, it doesn't do so at a rapid enough pace...

    ...and then let's complain that Palm didn't stop development altogether after the Pre 1.0, so our devices would always be the newest and sleekest and nobody else would ever get a more streamlined one or one with more memory or one wish a micro SD slot or...

    Then let's complain that we're hypocrites.
    I understand your point but in reality what other way do we have to make these companies listen? Do you think Apple was ever going to implement copy/paste unless people kept on complaining? Microsoft prettied up Zune 2/HD after the first one was universally criticized. Face it..when it comes to gadgets and tech (especially when problems can easily be fixed by software updates) the only way to make them listen is complain.
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    Soon the complaints will be how the new games what for it............ you know its true.LOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I can see how someone would think that, if they were trying to use the contact list the way they are used to. It's not meant to be used that way. I don't think I browse the contact list more than twice a week.

    I want someone in my contact list, I (typically) type (from the dashboard) the first letter of the first name, and start typing their last name. Usually, by the second letter of their last name, I've got them.

    3-4 keystrokes. No categorizing, no browsing, just type.
    Doesn't work for me. Look at my work contacts for example, I open my slider and hit W, but I get the + symbol instead. If I hit it again I get 2 W's then. Also someone like me doesn't always know who it is I am going to call. I'm a pipe welder, so I have many, many people in my phone that I just browse through, while job hunting or trying to find others to come on a job with me.

    I really don't care how palm decides to implement contacts on our phones, if they would make the contacts available to 3rd party apps. Theres no reason this shouldnt be done yet. The contacts plus app that is sitting idle on this site would be fantastic, if it had the ability to import your contacts. As it is, I'm not going to spend all day setting it up, to have my very undependable hardware fail on me the next day, and have to start all over again, with another junky refurb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRol View Post
    Good quote.

    Bridgeport huh?
    Born and raised, how about you?
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    I am sooooo tired of all of the continual Pre complaints or sprint complaints....ITS A PHONE not a SAVIOR...if ur looking for life satisfaction , here's a clue you will NEVER be totally happy with any device you EVER own. As a therapist i will give some free advice ....if you want to achieve happiness in life be THANKFUL for what you HAVE in general. stop always looking for something better all the time. its like you all need extensive therapy. ITS A PHONE!!!!!!!!!! not a quad core terabyte hd and 4gb ram pc. my god. i was on verizon and its a friggin ripoff for prices texts and data are SEPERATE?????? want blackberry exchange service and extra there as well. Sprint gives us alot at an affordable price especially with the thousands of discounts out there. example my whole family is on verizon and they dont have smartphones cause they REFUSE to pay the HUUUUUUGE extra fee's . I had a voyager and in those forums all the people in there were just like all the whiners inhere too. be thankful for all the great things our PRE DOES!!!! yes there are issues , but i love it and i price i really !!!!!!! love.
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    how about being sick of the complaint threads about the complaints. lol.
    could just say... chill dude, let people have their say and move on...
    its a free world... or at least understand it's not your forum and make all the rules.

    if you dont like it dont read it...
    dont post on them so they can just die...
    dont post i hate complaint complaints to keep people fired up about it...
    you will not change the outcome and just added to the garbage.

    ... like i just did by responding.

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    i hear ya man but as you can see from my lack of posts i usually never say anything, but this forum has gotten out of control lately with complaints. everyone was in love with pre and sprint and now they are all ******'s
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    Screenshot of you being a therapist-
    or it didn't happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Screenshot of you being a therapist-
    or it didn't happen.
    Impossible. Patient confidentiality, and all that.
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    EVERY ONE IS LAMe!!! im tierd of all these loosers who keep requesting apps that we already freaking have. we have a virtual keyboard already god. ***? and seriously. barcode scanner. not possible. get over it. if there is anyway thats coming out it wont be for a while or it will be by a company like google. and same with google earth. its all on google to make that availible. and second.... seriously, we cant get access to the freaking mic on the phone yet in the sdk(software development kit) so there is no possiblility of a voice recorder or music identifier yet. geeze. quit being stupid ppl and read. this stuff im saying has been said tons of times so quit requesting the stuff.
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    Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

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    and im tired of people making posts complaining about other posters
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    If you're going to call someone stupid...

    Spell check.
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    get ready..... wait for it.....wait for it....someone quickly I can't post pics at work.....get me some anteater pictures!
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    You sound more obsessive than anyone else I've seen on these forums.

    Also, complaints are 99% of all forums. Love it or leave it...
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    Internet irony: I love it.
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    WOW! Talk about making it obvious that someone hates their job! A therapist that has been trained to listen is sick of listening. So I guess your more of a crook now instead of a therapist. You see your patients and say to yourself, "GREAT MORE WHINY LOSERS!", and then you smile and bill them. Nice.
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    Some are trolls but some are legitimate. Complaints are one way for Palm to see what area they need to improve on. I personally hate trolls but love to see legitimate complaint posts. And I hope Palm is reading them too.

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