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    My question is why does the android have such a larger number of apps than webos. Now i only had my pixi since December but my friend has a hero. And her app store numbers are HUGE. I've also known that they have alot of free and "time wasting" apps. Some of them are fun (like "Steamy window"). Is webos harder to develop for than android? Does palm make it harder to put free apps on the store. Or is our community not as big as androids. Thanks in advance.
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    Android has been out longer.
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    WebOS can ACTUALLY tend to be easier to develop for, but it just simply isn't as widespread as Android. WebOS just released in June of 2009 where Android started somewhere around 3 years ago. Once the new Palm phones are spread across other carriers there will be more demand for, and therefore more supply for WebOS.

    Also, Palm is near-release of their new SDK which will allow for MUCH easier app development as well as provide a broader spectrum of developers.

    Just be patient. You DO have a better phone, it's just in infancy still compared to most of the other devices.

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