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    hii by mistake i installed sprint patch on bell pre. how do i reinstall the web os for bell?? pls help
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    webos doctor for bell pre
    Palm - Download - webOS Doctor - Bell
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    i tried it but it m not able to beyond connecting the usb cable. pls tell me. i am connecting the phone wid my laptop.
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    put it in usb mode power button and up on volume rocker if im not mistaken should show picture of a hard drive then plug in
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    my pre got reset and it says activation required and it stays der. m not able to access ne thng.
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    hey thnx it started.
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    like i said hold up on volume rocker and down on power button it forces the phone into usb mode
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    hey nothing happened it stopped on 6% and my phone again is asking for activation from sprint. pls help me
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    call bell ive never had a problem that dr couldnt fix try once or twice more and try to remain calm if you arent patient it seems alot worse than it is and who knows maybe bell can help or youll get a new phone
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    yea might b. thnx though.

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